The biggest gap between people is knowledge and pattern.

I don’t know if you pay attention, there are always many such people around us, questioning all success and all beauty.

His success is not due to having a rich father.

The last salary increase was her, this promotion is her, there must be a background.

His son went to Beijing No.4 Middle School and did not know how much money he had given.


After Wang Shuo’s ” Know the Molecules” was published, there was an inner analysis to the effect that we don’t know when to start. We have to think about all the things in society in order to be at ease. It seems that only in this way can one prove that all one’s expectations are correct, and can one find a reasonable excuse for one’s ” cold reception”, ” unsuccessful” and ” living at the bottom”, thus proving one’s resourcefulness and insight into the world.

Recently, after reading the ” terrible illusion” written by psychologist Mackey, I realized what this phenomenon is all about. After studying the experiences of many people, Mackey came up with a concept: what you see is what you want to see. When a person’s heart is full of certain emotions, his heart will bring strong personal preference hints, which will lead to the subject to prove from the object.

” When we like someone or something, our hearts will let ourselves search for confirmation in reality, and then use these specious confirmations to support our psychological expectations, eventually forming a’ really so’ psychological set. If it is anger, hatred or suspicion, we will continue to look for materials to strengthen our own imagination and let the temporarily repressed emotions vent in the paranoid emotions of anger and hatred. ”

That is to say, the world we see is only what we choose to see. You can see what you believe. If you believe in money rules, you will find countless money rules. If you believe in unfairness, you will find countless unfairness. And if you believe in hard work, you will find that hard work really pays off. If you believe in beauty, you will find that life is full of beauty.

Moreover, Mackey also discovered a secret: what a person believes, what his future life will be close to. ” A person’s life is just like what he thinks every day. You can have what you think and expect.”

Thinking about this sentence, I found that real life is really the case. Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, wrote an article ” Believe in the Power of Struggle”. The article tells of his experience: in high school, his teacher said to the whole class: ” none of you present here can enter the university. you must be farmers in the future.” Many students believed in this way. Either drop out of school or give up after one test.

However, Yu Minhong did not believe that the class would solidify forever. He only believed that hard work and struggle would eventually pay off. Therefore, if he failed in one examination, he took the second one. If you fail the second test, you will take the third. Finally admitted to Peking University, life changed from now on.

In this world, as Mackey said, a person’s future life will be close to what he believes. You can only see what you believe. What you see, you can embrace. What you embrace makes you what you are.

In 2012, Lu Xinning, deputy editor-in-chief of People’s Daily, was invited by his alma mater to give a speech at Peking University. During the speech, she said something from her heart: ” My only fear is that you no longer believe it. Don’t believe that rules can overcome hidden rules, don’t believe that learning is different from officialdom, don’t believe that learning is not equal to politics, don’t believe that character is far better than obsequiousness … ”
This is not a high-profile speech, but the truth. ” Doubting everything often leads to losing everything.” I like a poem from Gu Cheng very much: ” You don’t want to grow flowers. You said, I don’t want to see it, a little litter. Yes, in order to avoid the end, you avoided the beginning of everything. ”

The road of our life is getting narrower and narrower, often not because we are not smart enough, but because we no longer believe, because we no longer believe, thus avoiding all beautiful and good starts.

I remember one winter afternoon, I took a taxi home and sat on the ” Chongqing B1T792″. As soon as I got on the bus, I found the car very warm, with sachets and decorations hanging inside.

As soon as I sat down, the driver asked, ” are you cold? I have a hand warmer. ” As soon as the car started, the driver asked, ” are you hungry? I have snacks. ” In the traffic jam, the driver handed over several magazines: ” You turn it over.” This service surprised me: ” When did you start this service?” The driver said, ” From the moment I woke up.”

Before, he was a person who liked to question everything: ” This society is too unfair.” ” No money, no power, nothing will work.” One day, he listened to a radio program and said, ” if you want to change your life, you should first change yourself.” If you think the world is too dark, then everything will make you unhappy.

” So I decided to stop complaining and treat every guest kindly.” Before, his business was very ordinary and he was often complained about. Now the business is booming, with countless passengers rushing to book his car. He said: ” After I changed myself, the world became a better place. Everyone I met seemed to be my noble.” When I got off the bus, he said something that I will never forget: ” What you believe is your destiny.”

It is the most easy to believe when I was a child, but it is very irrational to be easily trusted by education soon. It is a simple, childish and ignorant behavior. After a little experience, I found that in an increasingly hard-to-believe adult world, the more people see, the easier it is to believe. If you tell them anecdotes and absurd opinions, they will find it, uh, interesting.

The more people see, because they often walk out of their own small world and know that there are so many different people and lives, countless colorful lives and brilliant dreams in this world. They believe that there are people in this world who live a different life and do not judge easily and do not ” how is it possible?” On the tip of one’s tongue.

I know that in the present world, it is really a very difficult thing to convince people. I also met so many interesting people after walking out of the original small world, only to know that there are so many people who have no utilitarian heart. People only want to believe in people who share their own values and regard everything else as hypocrisy.

People can only see where they can reach, and imagine the unreachable distance as dangerous. Even, I only want to believe that a useful heart is a responsible heart, and regard all seemingly useless feelings as melodramatic. Once a person does not believe in authenticity, he cannot have faith.

From believing easily to questioning everything, there is a light of reason in it. Then, from not believing everything to being willing to believe again, there are insights and patterns behind it.

Kafka said, ” What do you believe in? I believe in the reasonable internal connection between everything and every moment. I believe that life as a whole will continue forever. I believe in the nearest thing and the farthest thing. ” The nearest thing I understand is the real emotion in front of your eyes, and the farthest thing is your hope.

So, is it so important to believe or not, perhaps not. But only what we believe can be used to select us in turn. I don’t want to say I don’t believe it easily, because it is very likely that I have seen too little. Reason and wisdom do not mean questioning everything. Vision will make us more compassionate, believe in the good side of human nature and forgive the bad side of human nature.

Everyone’s fate is different, choosing to believe is a kind of fate, not believing is also a kind of fate. The road to life is getting narrower and narrower, not because you are not smart enough, but because you no longer believe.

Therefore, please also be sure to keep the light and heat in your heart, so that even if you are covered by dark clouds, you will have a sharp sword in your body. You don’t need to expect the dark clouds to disperse, they will be pierced by you sooner or later. If we cannot see the sun, we will become the sun. if we cannot become the sun, we will chase after the sun.

I like the meaning of this passage very much: what a person believes, what his future life will be close to. You can only see what you believe. What you see, you can embrace. What you embrace makes you what you are. What you believe is your fate.