The biggest crisis in life is that you start to care too much about others.

Seeing relationships, seeing opposites, seeing subconsciousness, seeing bodies and seeing emotions are all for the sake of seeing oneself!

First, read a poem by Rumi:

The entanglements with yourself

All the spirits of heaven

Will deign to serve you

If you can hunt

Your Beast – like Self

You get the privilege.

In charge of Solomon’s kingdom

A visitor, for a long time, every time she came to the consultation room, she would think of two things to talk about at the same time, one to the left and one to the right, and she did not know how to choose.

Moreover, one of these two events is an eternal theme: she will blame herself for being too slow, and for having a very inefficient week or period of time in the past, while she expects herself to be efficient and aggressive.

Indeed, she has quite serious procrastination.

Moreover, her talent is extremely high. In this life, she seems to have wasted her talent and failed to do anything to be proud of, which makes her deeply regret.

She also has a situation in which her body consultation was initially skinny, her face was the same, and her expression was not vivid and natural.

As the consultation progressed, her body became more and more plump and her face became more and more expressive, but procrastination remained unchanged.

However, during a consultation, we deeply saw the great value of delay to her.

She has always been too concerned about other people’s voices. Her own voice is drowned out and is often unheard of.

This is not only because of loneliness, but also because the mother has a super-serious control desire. She was invaded by various wills from an early age, and she never stopped until she reached her goal.

If this basic logic does not change, she has also become an efficient person, which means that her body and even her life are only slaves to the will of others.

The more efficient she was, the more she proved that her mother and others were right to invade and control her.

Therefore, she will use a series of passive defense methods such as delay, forgetting and inattention to block the will of the intruder.

It can be said that when she is efficient, she is the will of others. When procrastinating, she is herself.

When she realized this, she was extremely sad and relieved.

At the same time, I also formed a sentence:

Can’t do their own place, that is, there is vitality sleeping there.

On the other hand, it can be inferred that the vitality of many people has been sleeping because they cannot be themselves.

On the contrary, those who can be themselves, their life force is burning wantonly.

Some people feel this burning passion. They don’t want to rest too much or even have to rest, because every minute and second is enjoying life.

I once talked with a famous investor. His life is full of miracles. For example, he is a person who never dreams.

In response, he said, all my dreams have come true. I don’t need to seek comfort in my sleep. I can do whatever I want. I have no regrets in this life.

At least three kinds of people do not dream: those who dare not touch their subconscious mind; The imagination as a reality of schizophrenia patients; Also, real people have no dreams.

This investor has reached the point where real people have no dreams.

How can I become a real person?

This is about a pair of psychoanalytic concepts: true self and false self.

Self is the translation of self. A word similar to self is ego, which is usually translated into self.

Ego is the self at the level of mind and consciousness, while self covers the self at the level of body and subconscious.

It can be roughly understood in this way that when a person regards the self at the level of thinking and consciousness as self, then self is false self.

On the contrary, when a person can fully mobilize his body and subconscious mind, his self is the true self.

It can also be said that when a person’s self is built around feelings, this is the true self, and if it is built around the mind, it is the false self.

The so-called falsehood is to live in your mind and think it is true.

Too many people have lost their bodies, lost their emotions and lived in false selves.

If you were always taught to listen when you were young, and if you were always the first person to capture others’ feelings when you grew up, then you probably lived in a false self.

At this time, you need to find yourself.

The same goes for me, and I have experienced a long journey.

For a long time, I have been an abusive person. The so-called abuse of good people means that one will involuntarily attach too much importance to the feelings of others and neglect one’s own.

By June 2012, I had made a major change. In my dream, for the first time, the main character became a very destructive villain, whereas in the past, the main character in my dream was always a good man and the villain was only a supporting role.

In March 2015, I had a special deep experience and saw my real self, dark and ferocious, which I did not live out.

But since then, I have become more and more real.

At the end of 2016, this black vitality once turned into light.

From this, I realized that there is only one kind of vitality in essence, but when it is seen, it becomes good vitality, and when it is not seen, it becomes black vitality.

Therefore, the most essential demand of human nature is the desire to be seen.

Rumi’s poem, and the second half:

Your blessed soul

A garden belonging to heaven

If you let him fall into a shack

Is this fair

You are the most blessed bird.

Living in Miracles

If you are trapped in a cage

How tragic this is

But you can be free again

Breaking the Prison of Physical Body

You’ll see it soon.

You yourself are the sage and source of life.

It is very easy for us to find the answer outside ourselves. American mythologist joseph campbell said that this would create a ” wasteland”.

You are the answer.

You don’t need to deviate from yourself, all you need is to see.