The anxiety of young people lies in taking desire as ambition.

In this era of youth, very few can arrange themselves correctly. In this era, there is a big deception, or delay him, easy to let him misunderstand, or let him not pay attention to one thing, is to desire as ambition. Such hard work is naturally out of the question. Maybe he is very hard – working, because he has a greedy heart behind him, so he can’t help it.

However, it is unnatural and bitter for him to work so hard, and it is difficult for him to improve. Although sometimes there will be a big reaction, what do you think I am doing? It may even quit altogether, perhaps reluctantly. However, when I force myself, it is difficult to read and do things, and I cannot concentrate on things. What’s more, I will prevaricate myself.

The wiser the person, the more likely he is to have desires, and the more he does not know where to put his heart. The heart should really be put aside in the present. However, smart people are always out of the present and running away, fidgety and restless. Therefore, it goes without saying that those who do not have ambition are those who think they have ambition, often not ambition but desire. It seems that he expects himself to be successful and what is it like to be successful, isn’t it good? But here often hide inappropriate places, I don’t know. The less relaxed you are, the more intolerable you are, the more ill you will become.

Therefore, when predecessors gave lectures, the distinction between ambition and desire was very strict. One must not read from one’s own body, but think truly, which is the true ambition. Mr. Zhang Hengqu is quite opposed to desire, saying that people can’t leave each other at all times. Since the western atmosphere came in, no one said anything against desire, not as strict as before. However, in these places, they are deceiving themselves and harming themselves.

Everyone has come here with the ambition to study and research, but I earnestly tell everyone that it is useless to seek knowledge alone unless one pays attention to one’s own shortcomings and recuperates oneself. It is true knowledge to look back at oneself and seek perfection from one’s own mind and mood. It is true progress to have a little here.

To recuperate oneself, one should pay attention to both the mind and the mood.

The most important thing in mind is to be organized. If you say a word, write a passage or write an article, you must make it clear. A thing must always have its points, and it must be able to distinguish a problem carefully. If there is no organization, it is useless to increase knowledge, because knowledge is to be controlled by organization.

The clearness and orderliness of one’s mind is related to one’s mood. When the mood is not normal, the mind will not be clear, so conditioning the mood is the most fundamental.

There are two points that should be paid attention to in one’s mood: one is slack, the other is chaos. Loose or loose slack is a kind of top bad problem. If you make a casual break, you will not be able to do it well. If you often loose slack, then this person is useless. No one in the society will pay attention to him either. The careless and perfunctory handling of the diary writing comes from slack. It doesn’t matter if the diary is short, the worst thing is to keep the psychology of stealing. Once you have this mentality, you cannot write words, words cannot be spoken, and words cannot be written. If you just let yourself go and relax, nothing will be different, and that’s it.

Disorderly or riot is a feeling of injustice, often like a little excited, internal loss of balance and peace, easy to conflict with yourself, easy to conflict with others, make oneself and the environment must not be a suitable. Riot or extreme, as opposed to loose slack; At first glance, the violence seemed powerful, but in fact it was the same. Because they are all mechanical, they have no ability to cope with external changes and transform the environment. This kind of incompetent and mechanical person is pitiful. However, how can one become a capable person without being trapped in machinery?

This is a fundamental effort to change one’s temperament by being able to be conscious, not to break down, not to riot, to regulate oneself and to make one’s mood calm and strong.

Regulate oneself need spirit, if energy is not enough, can rest. When we make common speech, we must never have a careless mood. When doing things, you must concentrate on them. Unless you don’t say or do anything, you must concentrate on what you say and do, and speak and do it calmly.

For example, when writing an article, one’s mind is very chaotic at first, or one’s mind is still good at first. At this moment, one’s best to think calmly and don’t drag out an ignoble existence. If one is casual, one seldom becomes angry. Therefore, if we don’t take out what we have, we must give it strength. Some of the students are willing to use their thoughts, but when writing articles, the organization is still not enough, and they have the intention to drag out an ignoble existence casually, making it difficult for people to see the words clearly. Some students are even worse. This is not a trivial matter, it is a very important fundamental issue.

Therefore, we should often look back and find out our shortcomings and pay attention to recuperation. To do things, one must concentrate on doing them, at the same time, one must be calm and serene, at the same time, one must be quite natural. It is quite true that he has the spirit and can stand up. Serenity can absorb new materials at any time, because when you are serene and carefree, your mood will be relaxed. Only when you have a relaxed mood can you absorb external materials and apply them thoroughly. Otherwise, the more you read, the more useless it will be.

To be a person, one must always recuperate oneself, seek clarity of heart and mind, and be organized in thought. If everyone can follow this example, it will be of great benefit to him all his life. If you can’t pay attention to this, you are giving up on yourself and you don’t want to be yourself.

But what is the best way to recuperate yourself here? The last time I said that I should be self – conscious, self-reflective and always find my faults. For example, one’s own fault lies in being too impatient, or in being too disorderly and lax, which requires self-conscious treatment. However, it is not easy for a person to know his or her illness and manage his or her own family even though he or she is cured. The ancients said: ” A wise man cannot see himself, a brave man cannot bootstrap himself.” This means that it is not easy to see one’s face clearly, that is, it is not easy to see one’s face clearly, and it is not easy to regulate oneself at any time. Therefore, the only way at this time is to ” learn from your teachers and friends”. There is no alternative. Why? Because everyone often forgets himself, if he doesn’t, everything will be fine. But it is easy to forget, so teachers and friends often remind you so that you will not forget.

Rely on the reminding of friends to avoid forgetting, this is a layer; A step further is to rely on the benefits of friends to melt and sense their own shortcomings and get their support. Assuming that my temper is irritable, I can change to impatience if I get along with those who have a peaceful temper. My spirit is depressed, but the good thing about friends is that they cheer me up. If I am in it, I will naturally cheer myself up virtually.

Therefore, if we intend to recuperate ourselves, it is the best way to learn from our teachers and friends, to influence and nurture them. To put it more broadly, if you want to regulate yourself, you have to find a good environment. The so-called good environment means that a group of friends asks for friends who have real interests. With so many good friends, I naturally went up. If the people in the same place are not good, it is very dangerous, and they will become increasingly dirty unconsciously.

In addition, what friends should pay attention to when helping each other is to take compassion as the foundation and understanding as the premise.

If we care for our friends, we should naturally pay attention to their faults and shortcomings. What matters most is that we must have a sense of forgiveness for his faults and shortcomings. When we point out his faults and shortcomings, we should do so out of a good feeling and with the intention of leading him to help him. It is to give him conditioning, not just a stimulus. Naturally, sometimes a serious stimulus is also indispensable. That is to say, sometimes it is necessary to give him a painful responsibility. But generally speaking, you should not only give him a stimulus, but also give him a kind of adjustment. If the meaning of cherishing him is not enough, the words will have no effect.

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