Since the continuous development of the media, the spoof video is gradually declining.

In the Internet, spoof video is a “stupid” role and is very popular with the audience. Especially in the early stage of the development of the video industry, the video type is relatively simple, and the spoof video is the king of well-deserved traffic. But with the continuous development of the video industry, there are indications that spoof video is on the decline.

First, how popular is the spoof video: In the early days, the spoof video was generally limited to acquaintances such as friends and family. In fact, this kind of jokes with close people is very common in life, and the spoof video is just a matter of magnifying it and recording it.

For example, Youtube blogger Jimmy Kimmel’s video “Children have heard that I have eaten their Halloween candy” is a very typical early spoof video. “Halloween House to House Candy” is a classic game for American children, and Jimmy will tell the children in the film that he has eaten all the candy they have come to, and the children’s reactions are mostly tantrums and bursts of tears.

Once the video was released, it was very popular, with more than 58.7 million plays. This has even evolved into a classic way of tidying up. Every year, a large number of parents send videos of their entire children to Jimmy, organized by Jimmy into a collection. Since 2012, Jimmy has launched the Halloween Kids series for five consecutive years, with over 10 million annual broadcasts. The “Halloween Tricks” series has become one of the most influential series in the history of spoof video. Both daily and a certain degree of drama are an important reason why spoof video is hot.

In 2013, Youtube selected the top 10 spoof video bloggers, and their total broadcast volume exceeded 35 billion. Among them, PrankvsPrank, which has the highest playback volume, has more than 300 million single-channel broadcasts. The Youtube official also attaches great importance to the influence of the spoof video. On April Fool’s Day, the Youtube homepage has a collection of spoof videos recommended by the official.

The maximum number of videos in a collection is up to 120 million, and the minimum playback is 4 million. In China, spoof videos tend to win the heat and lose people’s hearts. This is the case with Ronaldo, who has more than 2 million fans on Weibo.

He is good at operating controversial topics such as street appointments, driving a car, and the like. For example, the latest video of a spoof of a golden woman has a volume of 1.23 million, but the comments are very negative. “Death dragged others into the car, and said Others are worshipping women, “inexplicably whole people, watching really disgusting” and so on. Fans often spoof videos often just for fun, not with the practices and values ​​of video bloggers. As the market for funny videos continues to expand, users are increasingly choosing, and spoof videos with low traffic but lack of influence are beginning to decline.

Second, how the spoof video goes down: As more and more spoof videos go to the streets, the scope of the smuggled objects continues to expand, and the “bad name” of spoof video has begun to spread rapidly. Because in order to make the video more interesting, the spoof video blogger will deliberately test the vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and children, using their clumsy reaction to tease the audience. In the early days, the spoof of the elderly and children was so popular because the spoofed people and video bloggers were often familiar with each other, and all their behaviors could be characterized as innocuous jokes with acquaintances.

However, once the whole object is extended to the streets, any stranger may suffer. This actually violates people’s moral minefields to some extent. In particular, the choice of the whole object is often random, which will cause people to feel a sense of crisis. “The next one may be self-contained.” At the same time, the traffic of the spoof video is virtual traffic, making it difficult to commercialize. Take the example of Youtube’s top spoof video blogger PrankvsPrank. They used to launch a video featuring a man who lied to his girlfriend. He threw her cat down the stairs.

This video has more than 6.5 million plays, but it has not brought any benefits to them. For the time being, whether or not this joke touches the restricted area of ​​animal protection, the logic of this video is actually to laugh through fear and the reversal of fear.

Such a video is difficult to attract merchants to advertise, and the platform share obtained by the amount of playback is negligible compared to the cost of shooting. At the same time, depending on the duration of the video and the video content, the amount of spoof video sharing and forwarding is very small compared to other videos.

In the age of social media, interaction is king, and the dominant position of spoof video is further impaired. Moreover, the shooting of spoof videos is often limited, the space for innovation is not large, and the homogenization competition between video bloggers is very serious. When the market is full of similar videos, it is easy for people to experience fatigue.

With the continuous development of the video industry, not only the variety of funny videos is increasing, but also the video in the vertical field is becoming more and more abundant, which further distracts people’s attention. Especially for videos like food, beauty, and singularity, the scalability is much better than the spoof video. Take “Xiao Lao Wai” as an example. The food section can eat hot pot, eat hot dogs, eat crayfish, etc. Experience the column can experience herbal tea, Chinese medicine orthopedics, college entrance examination English, etc. The columns are inclusive and extendable. From the amount of playback and user feedback, users are more satisfied with such videos, and it is not easy to be aesthetically tired.

Third, Cheng also spoofs, defeats and spoofs: In recent years, incidents of being killed by people in order to shoot spoof videos have occurred.

In 2015, three Australian brothers Jalal pretended to be Muslims throwing bags on the streets. The result was shot by local police, and the gunmen did not sue. It can be said that they gave their lives in vain. The 19-year-old girl MonaLisa Perez’s shooting of her 22-year-old boyfriend Pedro Ruiz also caught the attention of foreign media, and the cause of the tragedy was also due to the spoof video. According to Buzzfeed, on the day of the tragedy, Monalisa said on Facebook that she was planning to shoot one of the world’s most dangerous spoof videos.

She is going to shoot Pedro in the video, and Pedro will put the book on her chest to resist the impact of the bullet. Obviously, such a “challenge” will never succeed. This tragedy caused by the spoof video has once again triggered people’s discussion about spoofing. Prior to this, the discussion was mostly focused on the moral level. Many critics thought it was unethical to casually tease passers-by on the street and even bring them panic and juggling emotions.

But now, the discussion of spoof videos has risen from a moral level to a legal level. For the first time, people realized that spoofing attempts without restraint hurts not only emotion but also life. Behind the decline of the spoof video is the bursting of the Internet fame bubble.

Before the filming, Pedro Ruiz told Aunt Claudia the “video idea”, Claudia tried to stop them, but they thought “this is very exciting and will definitely attract a lot of attention, so we will become famous”. Through the Internet, the era of “everyone can become a star” has passed forever. It is getting harder and harder to become a net red without any accumulation, and the more the net reds have to pay to maintain their influence. The bigger it is.