Secret: “Titanic” is not an iceberg, but another reason

The “Titanic” was hit by an iceberg, which has always been a common saying. However, is this really the case? In 1985, the wreckage of the Titanic, which had been sleeping in the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean for nearly a century, was discovered by the exploration team. The discovery of these wreckages made the cause of the once uncontroversial ship sinking confusing.

When the crew of the exploration team inspected the wreckage of the vessel, it was found that the front lower part of the starboard had a large round hole with a diameter of about 90 cm. Surprisingly, the edge of the large round hole was very neat, unlike the accidental impact of an iceberg. Instead, it is more like a standard tool cutting of a cylinder.

This major discovery has been valued by the Royal Navy Fleet experts, forming a team of experts to carry out fine underwater photography and precision measurements. After another detailed investigation, they agreed that it is a powerful laser beam strike. Wear the hull of the Titanic. This statement is more consistent with the traces of the ruled round hole, so that the “impact iceberg” argument is untenable, because the accidental impact should be an irregular trace of cracking.

Responding to this, a reporter from the US «San Francisco Documentary» disclosed a top secret file about the “Titanic” and was also the first-hand information left by the survivors of the shipwreck. The file claimed that when the shipwreck occurred, he saw a pile of “fire” on the deck not far from the sea, and the fire came from a mysterious ship.

Coincidentally, the nearest “California” from the “Titaric” on the night of the incident was once condemned by people for “seeing death.” The captain continued to defend himself until his death, when he clearly saw a strange “fire” on the sea between the two ships, causing his ship not to be near rescue. Not only did the captain explain this, but the other crew members also insisted on the same saying that the “fire” was like a “ghost ship.”

Later, when a new round of researchers photographed the wreck under water, they found that there were some unknown illuminants in the photos, and the posture and intensity of these lights could not be emitted by the passing fish. The researchers reported the mysterious light incidents found to state agencies and scientific research departments, but so far, there has not been a scientific conclusion.

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