Scientists have identified in women “lung behavior syndrome”

Sociologists from the University of Essex (United Kingdom) talked about the phenomenon, which can be translated as “lung syndrome”. This syndrome, scientists said, is peculiar to a certain type of women, MedDaily writes, citing the Daily Mail.

According to these data, scientists have found “lung syndrome” in women. This syndrome “suffers” women, whose puberty happened late.

According to scientists, late puberty may be the result of individual characteristics in the development of the female body. In addition, it is influenced by external factors – for example, such as parenting, school life.

In women, too late sexual intercourse, as it turned out, correlates with the found “easy-behavior syndrome”. The majority of women, whose puberty developed with a delay compared with their peers, told in the course of the survey about “too frequent” sexual contacts.

“Late sexual debacle increases the likelihood of an” accidental “pregnancy and sexual unrest in the future.” , the experts stressed.

Doctors remind that from the point of view of physiology, late puberty is fixed in girls with menstruation that does not occur before 15 years of age. Such a delay can be caused by heredity (predisposition to late maturation is transmitted through the female family line), hormonal disorders, pathologies of the development of reproductive organs, excessive exercise, professional sports, stress, diet, severe chronic diseases.

As previously reported by FACTS, most often the problems in girls from birth to puberty are associated with inflammatory processes and various menstrual disorders.