Scientific research shows that every mortal can shine, but it is invisible to the naked eye.

When we appreciate the portraits of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign gods or saints, we will see their whole body shrouded in a layer of glory, such as the beautiful aura behind Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu and others. Scientists have shown that each person has a halo, but the naked eye can not see, this phenomenon of human body light is called “glow phenomenon.”

In 1911, a British doctor, Wald Kirner, accidentally discovered a light-emitting edge about 15 mm wide around the human body when painting a glass screen with a double cyanine dye.

Soon after, the former Soviet scientist, Simaiyan Collier, simulated the glow environment discovered by the British doctor Wald Kirner, and photographed the bright and colored glow around the human body through the photography of the electric field. Because of the proof of the image, this interesting discovery has received widespread attention.

After the 1980s, countries such as Japan and the United States used high-tech instruments to study the phenomenon of “human body glow”. The medical community believes that there is a connection between the glow and metabolism of the human body. By testing the glow of the human body, it is possible to judge whether the human body has metabolic problems.

If the glow is red, it indicates that the body is healthy; if it appears dark, it indicates that the condition is serious. If you present a bright zigzag, it shows cancer.

Although the scientific community is studying how to use the “glow phenomenon”, it has not really been scientifically explained. Some metaphysical scholars believe that this is the human body’s cipher text; some scientists believe that this is a fluorescent phenomenon, there is some kind of radiation in the human blood that stimulates certain substances of the human body; some people also believe that religious believers are engaged in religion. During the activity, due to the preoccupation, the nerves are extremely excited and stimulate the skin to glow.

This peculiar phenomenon still attracts many scientists to find its true cause. I don’t know how you think it? You can leave a comment in the comments section below. Stay tuned and share it daily.