Russian Biohackers Break the Secret of Immortality

” We are not very different from traditional medicine or car repair.” Dennis, 28, said with a smile: ” We just use more scientific methods to improve human health.” By ” we” Dennis meant biological hackers. There are only 20 people in Russia who really call themselves that.

Once upon a time, they called themselves super – humanists, and everything they devoted themselves to studying revolved around the concept of ” how to cheat aging”. The term has slowly evolved and is now changed to ” biohacker” under the influence of American peers. However, the name seems to be the only factor linking them.

Russian biohackers think they are different. The common practice in the West is not to eat sugar and reduce pressure, while Russian biohackers are committed to continuously testing the body’s biochemical indicators and drug experiments. Dennis said: ” Usually you need a doctor’s prescription to buy medicine. However, many drugs in Russia can be bought in pharmacies. So everything is possible. ”

Two years ago, Dennis was still a ” otaku” who didn’t do any sports. At most, he jogged a little. He had health problems and no good income. After becoming a bio – hacker, he experimented with himself, and within half a year he reached the level of a quasi – athlete. This also inspired him to start his own business.

Now Dennis is the co-founder of the Biohacker Laboratory under Moscow’s famous fitness club. They rented two floors of offices at the top of the Empire State Building, the ” Moscow City” business center. Among his clients are more than 10 Forbes billionaires. Everything is based on a great deal of research and the ultra-modern combination of sports and ” therapy”.

When Russia mentioned bio-hackers and media reports on them, they were almost all negative information: bio-hackers were a group of madmen without medical foundation, they spread chaos in science, and their experiment was suicide. However, it is these biological hackers who believe that they will not die or even live forever in this century.

In the company’s chief financial officer’s office, just like the ordinary office, the walls are covered with all kinds of diplomas and certificates. This is not about biohacking, but about corporate finance. Only through a small jar of taurine and some drugs near the printer in the corner can we see any sign of active biohacking here.

The 35 – year – old biological hacker named stanislav asked us, ” Will you die? ” This question solemnly replied:” In principle, I am not saying that I will not die if I am shot, and the car will also die if it passes over me. ” He then drank a glass of ascorbic acid and said, ” but I do not intend to die of natural aging. “

It took stanislav three and a half years to set up what may be the world’s largest human body digital laboratory. During this period, he read 15,000 bioscience articles and made an outline. He had a particularly large Excel table that recorded 760 kinds of human body indexes and about 8,000 biomarkers ( hemoglobin, cholesterol, etc. ).

Today, stanislav takes more than 35 kinds of drugs every day and records improvement. He is testing himself with various drugs and preparations. He called it ” quantitative self,” a term coined by Wired magazine in 2007. It is believed that the body is a biochemical machine, and the body function can be improved by taking various substances.

Stanislav said: ” For example, I took metformin, which is a drug for treating diabetes.” He opened a list of biochemical indicators on the computer, ranging from lipids to proteins, enzymes and trace elements. A large number of figures are dazzling: some are in gray areas ( normal ), some are in yellow areas ( risky ), and a few are in red areas ( already problematic ).

The problem is that there is no diabetes in stanislav, and the idea that metformin can prolong life span is very popular in the global biohacker community. So they drink metformin. Stanislav said: ” Diabetes patients who take metformin live on average 7 years longer than healthy people who do not take metformin. This gives people reason to believe that metformin is a drug for delaying aging. ”

But this drug has side effects. Metformin treatment of diabetes will lead to premature onset of senile dementia, even Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. The reason is that the drug blocks the metabolism of B vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the brain. Stanislav chose a vitamin that can eliminate side effects to solve the side effects.

Stanislav said: Metformin can reduce the possibility of cancer because it can reduce the rate of cell division in the body. The index in my body has decreased, and I have eliminated the side effect of senile dementia. I think this is a successful experiment. In this way, the physiological age is maintained, and the experiment is continued to achieve immortality.

When asked how old stanislav wants to live. ” In fact, it doesn’t matter,” he replied, ” if one day I open my eyes and realize that 5,000 years have passed, I may get tired of life and choose to die. What matters now is that I can live in the present and live fully. The biological hacker’s choice is: fight to death! “