Reading methodology

An unexamined life is not worth living.
I used to think I was a Sagittarius, and I was in line with my love of freedom and freedom. It was not until two years ago that I realized that my parents had filled in my lunar birthday on the account book. It turned out that I was a patient and tenacious capricorn. I am a contradiction. I am very romantic and realistic, very IT and artistic, love communication and love to be alone. Very optimistic and practical, very sharp and very tolerant. I have a strong sense of self and care about other people’s opinions. I have a strong heart and shed tears when watching movies. I am entangled, YY, free and conservative. I hope others see me as real and interesting.

I like to get along with people. My job gives me the chance to meet all kinds of interesting people. I like to watch novels, movies and dramas that depict human nature in detail. I would sit alone in the street watching pedestrians or staring blankly. I also like to watch some popular entertainment programs and am nervous about the results set in advance. I cherish that everyone has his or her own rich inner world, joys and sorrows. I think every religion has its own meaning of existence and inheritance. I am an individual humanist, although I still like to label people.

Socrates said, ” the unexamined life is not worth living.” Therefore, no matter whether you are examined by others or yourself, you need to often think about what kind of person you are. No matter for investors or entrepreneurs, they need to have a particularly strong self-awareness ability.

I have received some feedback about myself from many friends, and at the same time I am constantly thinking about myself. What is the difference between this feedback and my previous cognition? For example, I have some friends who think I am extroverted and some friends who think I am introverted. I will also think about what kind of person I am. However, this is often a process of changing scenes with no specific definition. People will change correspondingly in different scenes. This is also the complexity of human nature.

I think there are three levels of human cognition, one is intelligence, the other is introspection, and the third is empathy and understanding of what others are thinking. I have read a book before, saying that when a person is 53 years old, cognitive ability and feedback ability will combine to reach a peak state. The most ideal cognitive state of a person is empathy, that is, empathy, that is, understanding problems from the perspective of others. With this state, a person also has true wisdom.

Most of the time, we listen to entrepreneurs. The two most important skills of investors are asking questions and listening. Asking questions is always more important than answering them. I don’t like to say at the board of directors of the company I am being voted into, because entrepreneurs know the company better than I do, and I shouldn’t tell him what the company should do. I am very worried about entrepreneurs who follow my advice. When I am most afraid of meetings, entrepreneurs ask me what is the trend this year. He should tell me.

It is not easy to invest or start a business. But investors should not bring their emotions to entrepreneurs. The investor’s anxiety is understandable. He needs a return. However, don’t put too much pressure on entrepreneurs. It won’t solve any problems. The cycle of many funds is ten years, and as short as five years, which is enough for you to see a lot of things clearly. There is no need to worry.

Investment in the early stage is like traditional Chinese medicine, and investment in the middle and late stages is like western medicine.
Investment in the middle and late stages is more rational, just like western medicine, which has data, blood tests, X – rays and other diagnostic methods and more evidence to follow. Early investment does not have so much data and history to look at. It is more like traditional Chinese medicine and depends more on perceptual and empirical judgment.

Early investment must be optimistic, but it must also be suspicious. Optimism means that you should always believe that the future is new. Doubt means that you should be honest with yourself, know your shortcomings, know that many places are not clear, and do not understand for the time being. Young people should not be afraid of being challenged by others. If they are wrong, they will not be ashamed. If they are wrong, they will not know.

The randomness and contingency of early investment are very strong, there is no threshold, and any novice has the possibility of success. Therefore, more and more people are making early investments. However, randomness determines that investment is not easy to do. There is great uncertainty in the early projects. Even if you do more analysis and research, you still need the courage to close your eyes and stamp your feet at the critical time.

Early investment is to find bright spots, whether it is enough to ” cover up all the ugly” and if it is enough, you can invest. This ” handsome” is mainly a person, that is, whether this entrepreneur has the ability to overcome all difficulties. Everyone has his or her best job, for example, some are more product – oriented, some are more sales – oriented, and some are more strategic. For investors, it is very important to find the most touching place in them.

Investors are not the main players, our mission is to find those good entrepreneurs.
The so-called ” cold winter” refers to the economic cycle, which may be as small as three, five or as long as ten years. However, there will be excellent talents at any time and excellent talents will have opportunities in the market. For entrepreneurs, the first thing is to be optimistic, because entrepreneurship itself is a very long-term process, in which various difficulties will be encountered, which is a test that will surely be experienced.

For investors, they may have cast faster before, but now they may be more cautious. However, I think people who have gone through many cycles should have high standards on how to define a ” good company”. The mission of investors is to find those good entrepreneurs and use the power of capital and our experience to promote their better growth. The role of entrepreneurs in promoting the times cannot be replaced by investors. We are by no means the main characters.

VC serves everyone. We do not create value but make choices. We will make some judgments about enterprises in the early stage, and I don’t think these judgments are forward – looking. No one knows what will happen in the future. Large changes are often unexpected and unexpected. Like hunters, we have been looking for a broad road.

Experienced investors, in fact, do not make trouble, tell the truth, and do not bring their emotions to entrepreneurs. To be able to do these three things is to be a qualified post-investment manager. Investors should understand the big truth, give entrepreneurs enough room to make mistakes, do not participate in too many details, and appear when entrepreneurs need it.