Qi determines a person’s health and longevity.

What is qi? Simply put, qi is the motive force of the human body.

A car cannot run without power. The plane cannot fly in the sky without power. Without power, life will end. What exactly is life? One’s life is one breath. Qi is the foundation of life. The ancients said, ” Qi gathering leads to life, while Qi dispersing leads to death.” It means that qi is the essence of life. Today, when people describe someone as dead, they often say, ” someone died yesterday.” Discontinuation of qi actually means that the qi of the human body is dispersed, the qi is dispersed, the body has no power, and life stops.

In the natural world, the wind and clouds are surging and the wind and grass are blowing. This is all the movement of qi. So, what is the situation of qi in the body? What role does it play?

First of all, the gas in the body has the function of a human engine. The growth and development of human beings, the movement of zang-fu organs, the movement of blood and the distribution of body fluids all need the stimulation and promotion of qi. If a person suffers from qi deficiency, his growth and development will be slow, and the efficacy of the zang-fu organs will decline.

Secondly, qi has the function of a human air conditioner. A person’s body temperature is constant and cannot be high or low. Regardless of whether the sun is hot or the sky is cold, the human body temperature is always kept at about 36.5 ℃. Why can people do this? It is because the qi in the body is running. When the outside temperature drops, the qi in the human body starts to converge and close to maintain the body temperature, which is why people get goose bumps when they encounter cold. When the outside temperature rises, the air in the human body starts to disperse, discharging the excess heat out of the body, which is the reason why people sweat when heated.

Thirdly, qi also has the function of a human body stabilizer. All kinds of internal organs and organs in the human body are suffering from the earth’s gravity all the time. According to the principles of physics, they can droop anytime and anywhere. But why are they relatively stable? This is because the force generated by the movement of qi and qi in the human body can eliminate the gravity and keep it in balance. Not only that, the power generated by qi can also control blood to prevent it from overflowing outside the pulse, but also control and regulate the distribution and excretion of sweat, urine and saliva.

Finally, qi also functions as a human body energy converter. In nature, water energy can be electric energy and wind energy can be thermal energy. In the human body, energy can also be converted into each other, kidney water can be converted into kidney qi, blood can be converted into sweat, and Shui Gu can be converted into blood … In short, the mutual conversion and metabolism of essence, qi, blood, fluid and liquid in the body are realized by qi, and we call the process of this energy ” gasification”. When the body is full of qi, its gasification function is strong. Qi deficiency of human body leads to weak gasification function.

Therefore, qi determines a person’s health and longevity. Some people will say, since qi is so important, is it possible to maintain a healthy body and prevent diseases just by invigorating qi? As a matter of fact, too much gas constitutes a fire. If the fire is too large, it will force blood to move around in the body recklessly. One cannot be too cold or too angry. Some people suffer from nosebleeds whenever they eat ginseng to supplement their qi, because their qi is not short of it, and they make up for it as soon as they do. This hurts both qi and blood. Therefore, neither excess nor excess is the way to live a long life.