Persisting in cooking porridge with millet every day will bring about these miraculous changes to the body.

Millet, also known as millet, is a long-term edible plant discovered by Shennong. Therefore, our history of eating millet even goes back to ancient times. Judging from the current scientific concept, millet is not only rich in protein, fat and cellulose, but also contains nutrients such as carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and tryptophan. Long – term administration can achieve the following magical changes.

Persisting in cooking porridge with millet every day will bring about miraculous changes to your body!

First, the traditional confinement rice is nutritious for pregnant women.

Since ancient times, millet has been used as ” Daishen Soup”. Because of its high nutritional value and easy digestion and absorption, it is often used as a necessary food for the confinement of the moon. Because it is rich in dietary fiber, it can effectively prevent constipation. It can provide nutrition for the mother body and can better breed the next generation.

Second, the spleen nourishing stomach, weight loss holy products

The aesthetic concept of modern people is to be thin and beautiful, and the people around them are also joining in the camp of losing weight. However, many of them can’t be reduced by any means because of spleen deficiency. Xiaomi is the most common and effective spleen-strengthening food around us. Millet can not only strengthen the spleen but also nourish the stomach and stop vomiting. Most of the time when we are recovering from a serious illness and have no appetite, our elders always advocate that we and some light millet congee can not only nourish the stomach but also help digestion. Even a small partner in weight loss can eat it as dinner without any burden and will never grow meat.

Third, tranquilize the mind, help sleep and relieve stress.

The work pressure of modern people is great, and insomnia is also common. Millet is rich in tryptophan, and tryptophan can smoothly enter the brain through the dietary combination of protein and carbohydrate, thus achieving the magical effect of tranquilizing mind and assisting sleep. It has the effect of sleeping pills but does not have the side effects of sleeping pills. It is really a natural health food. The next day can also ensure a rosy complexion, refreshing, can make us more energetic to deal with the challenges of the day.

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, the vitamin B rich in millet is believed to be familiar to all. Its main effects are to nourish nerves and prevent neuritis. However, the effects that are not commonly understood include preventing stomatitis, promoting digestion and even resisting beriberi. In addition to yellow millet, white millet, black millet and other varieties are now on the market. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, white millet not only has the effects of strengthening spleen and nourishing stomach of yellow millet, but also white food enters lung meridian to promote cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, in the current situation of haze, it is suggested that you can drink more white millet in autumn and winter. While black food enters kidney meridian, it is more recommended for men to take it.