Since the continuous development of the media, the spoof video is gradually declining.

In the Internet, spoof video is a “stupid” role and is very popular with the audience. Especially in the early stage of the development of the video industry, the video type is relatively simple, and the spoof video is the king of well-deserved traffic. But with the continuous development of the video industry, there are indications that spoof video is on the decline.

First, how popular is the spoof video: In the early days, the spoof video was generally limited to acquaintances such as friends and family. In fact, this kind of jokes with close people is very common in life, and the spoof video is just a matter of magnifying it and recording it.

For example, Youtube blogger Jimmy Kimmel’s video “Children have heard that I have eaten their Halloween candy” is a very typical early spoof video. “Halloween House to House Candy” is a classic game for American children, and Jimmy will tell the children in the film that he has eaten all the candy they have come to, and the children’s reactions are mostly tantrums and bursts of tears.

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Why is a convenience store a slogan?

How did the convenience store suddenly become a slogan? The convenience store was from a very small, insignificant store, a small business, and suddenly it became a capital industry, the Internet, a traditional practitioner, and a cross-border. Retail (department, Wangfujing) are paying attention to such a format. How did the convenience store become a vent? In fact, I really don’t know how suddenly it became a vent.

I repeatedly looked back and thought, why was it taken? to conclude:

1. Network-based ecological economy: Take Japan and Taiwan as examples. Their convenience store is a three-step, one-post, five-step one-whistle. Let’s buy something and miss a store. You can see the second store in less than a minute. The shape of such a store forms a very favorable network.

A lot of things have been done around this network. In the year before, Japan sold 1.5 billion cups of freshly ground coffee in convenience stores. In 2016, about 42% of Japan’s bread industry consumption was completed in convenience stores. Service: E-commerce pick-up, e-commerce delivery, laundry, financial services can be completed in this industry. The network-based ecological economy has something similar to the Internet.

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Two cash flows to support the middle class family

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Recently, the “middle class” has once again become one of the hot search terms. The word first appeared in Aristotle’s “Politics” and later became the concept of economics. Aristotle said that the city-state economy will inevitably have two classes of rich and extremely poor. The richest people will inevitably be dictatorial, and the extremely poor will inevitably be turbulent. Only the middle class will have a moderate attitude. They will neither It is a stabilizer for the city-state economy to hate the rich and not to be hated by the poor.

Today, 51% of the world’s population lives in cities and controls more than 90% of global wealth. Unexplained people are alarmist, always exclaiming that the middle class will be “bankrupt”. In fact, everyone in the middle class may be eliminated, but the middle class is always there, and it is an eternal group in the urban economy.

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Use these methods to raise yourself

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“Looking at the little friends around me, they have become a family, they are nearly 30 years old, and they are still squatting on the journey of making down payment. Looking at the salary card, thinking about the girlfriend’s bag, the wife’s house, the eyes It’s a bit fuzzy, only work hard to expect a raise…” This is a network of sighs that have caused many urban office workers to resonate.

The rate of rising wages lags far behind the rise in housing prices and prices. The rising cost of living further exacerbates people’s economic pressures, which makes office workers’ demand for salary increases more and more urgent. But not everyone’s hard work can be recognized by the company. Even if you are fortunate enough to get a promotion, but want to greatly improve the quality of life through the growth of wages, it is definitely not an easy task for most office workers. Faced with the problem of “how to increase income”, passively “sit and wait for a raise” is clearly not the only standard answer.

“It is difficult to raise salary” or become “normal”

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Is it feasible to start a business with girlfriends?


Women’s entrepreneurship has become a reality

Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, women entrepreneurial groups account for a large proportion, and they have also contributed their own strength in promoting the development of China’s socialist cause.

On the road to entrepreneurship, women are not allowed to make eyebrows, and women can also find a place in the business world. Wang Yajun of Longhu Real Estate and Dong Mingzhu of Gree Electric Appliances are very famous female entrepreneurs. In addition, in many well-known companies, there are also outstanding female partners, such as Huawei Chairman Sun Yafang, Ant King Jin Peng Chairman Peng Lei, Didi Travel President Liu Qing, etc., are typical representatives in this regard. Among the world’s self-made female rich, China accounts for two-thirds, ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2017, the world’s richest woman is also a Chinese. There is no doubt that the success of Chinese women in the business world has become the biggest bright spot in economic development.

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