Of all the things that can change men, wine is the strongest.

Famous contemporary female writer Zhang Xin wrote a sentence in ” Deep Throat”: ” Among the things that can change men, wine is the strongest, followed by women, then power, and finally the truth.”

This sentence speaks to the nature of men: men are animals born for drinking.

Huang Yongyu, a famous contemporary painter, once said: Wine is a special way of life for men. It lives and dies with men. As long as there are men, there will be wine every day, and it will be everywhere. Sorrow, joy and loneliness cannot be separated from the company of wine, and only wine can understand a man’s mind. Men are destined to live without it.

In a word, men are closely related to wine, and many emotions are reflected in wine. Drinking can not only help men realize all kinds of desires they need and pursue, but also make men get a little pleasure and a feeling of forgetting right and wrong after getting drunk.

When young, men drink the manic youth and the budding youth. After a few drinks, the vast expanse of the sea and the vast expanse of the sky, the gallop of horses and horses from Xinjiang, forget the pressure of work, the distress of life, the boredom of love and the competition of society!

In middle age, men drink the pressure of life and the unfulfilled ambition. After drinking a few glasses of wine, the business is sublimated on the wine table. Friends talk a lot in their ears. Fuck business failure and fuck work failure. What about middle age? Liu Bang, 48, can still start to seize the world over again!

In old age, people still drink alcohol, but what they drink is happiness and health preservation. After drinking three cups and two cups, I can’t help looking back at the past while feeling the stability of my life. I can’t help but weep and weep. I can’t help pointing the wine to the moon and the geometry of my life!

In a word, the charm of a man depends on his body and his wine.

However, what I want to say here is that although wine is the soul of men, men are born for wine. However, besides wine, we still have to live, so we can still drink wine in middle age. However, we should pay attention to the demeanor of old men and stop fighting with young people.

If you are not satisfied with your old age, please take your seat accordingly. If you have the following characteristics, you are really old.

First, I got drunk before I knew it. Before, I knew how much I could drink and how much I could drink. I knew how to control and grasp it. Now I don’t know at which node I will get drunk. The reason is that I still drink according to my capacity as a young man, but it is not what it used to be.

Second, when drunk, they will cut off pieces. I was drunk before, but my heart was clear, and I could recall all kinds of details of drunkenness afterwards. But now, after waking up from alcohol, I find that I have lost my memory, at least one of the fragments after getting drunk is broken. Don’t you think this is very terrible – what did you do at that time and what you might do, you really don’t know at all.

Third, it is painful after waking up from alcohol. I used to be drunk and can still drink after vomiting, but now I feel very painful and uncomfortable after waking up, just like a serious illness.

It’s really an old man. I can’t accept it, but I still have to drink wine. How do I drink it?

Strengthen self – control. Can not drink, do not drink, really want to drink, try to pour it. If there are social parties that cannot be pushed off, try not to mix wine, do not drink urgent wine, eat vegetables, and slowly taste. It is no problem to drink more than a few ounces.

In a word, if you don’t mix wine or drink rotten, you should recognize the unintelligent when you recognize the unintelligent. Anyway, old men are thick – skinned, and dignity can be put aside. It’s time to put the body and family first.

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