Low – key is actually a kind of self – confidence

In the era of media and internet, a person can only be seen, known and paid attention to in a high profile.

High – profile must be strong, not afraid of attacks, and in turn be attacked more and more attention, the more become the protagonist of public opinion, do anything will sell like hot cakes; High – profile not only brings scenery, but also brings fame and wealth, so some people choose high – profile.

But high-profile can also make people addicted. High – profile people often cannot leave high-profile ones. For example, the more smoking and drinking, the worse it will be, and the worse it will be.

However, both the media and the Internet are transient, rolling, new and old. It is difficult for anyone to stay in the high-pitched area, so it is necessary to constantly stir up, hype, create momentum and make trouble in order to maintain high profile.

Some people think that high profile is a kind of success, but in fact it is not. High profile is only a way of life in this era. Of course, everyone has the right to choose his or her own way of life and there is nothing wrong with choosing anything.

As a result, others choose another way of living – keeping a low profile.

This kind of person doesn’t like to be noticed in every move and every word. He doesn’t like to be talked about in front of dignitaries. He doesn’t like to be chased by ” paparazzi”, entangled and besieged by fans, and exposed naked. They understand that in a commodity and consumer society, the price of high-profile existence is to be commercialized and consumed.

In this way, people who are willing to keep a low profile are unknown and unknown, but they can actually do what they like, fully enjoy and chew the day, and live in peace, stability and steadiness.

If you ask him why he is so low – key, he will only smile. Just like you love someone, do you need to explain it to others? Therefore, we say: keep a low profile in order to live in your own world, and keep a high profile in order to live in someone else’s world.

The same is true of culture, which also has a high-profile culture and a low-profile culture.

First of all, commercial culture must be high – profile, only high-profile will sell hot, low-profile who knows who to buy? However, what sells well cannot always sell well; sooner or later it will be replaced by something fresher and more fashionable.

Therefore, fashion is the darling of commercial culture. The most successful products in the market are fashion goods. Some people say that fashion is created by promotion. There are a lot of colorful bubbles in it, but commodity culture is not afraid of bubbles, because it only asks for the commercial effect at that time, the shock and strength at that time, and not the lasting charm.

Therefore, it is very difficult for another pure culture that pursues lasting charm of life to make a big splash in today’s era, but it will not give up its pursuit for making a big splash. It is willing to be lonely because it is convinced of the value and significance of this culture.

I have great respect for some of my fellow writers. In a society dominated by the market, I’m afraid writers are the group of people who have the most patience.

They usually don’t know where to hide, rarely stick their heads out, sometimes not see for a year or two, seemingly in into thin air, but suddenly took out a book of hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands of words; The depth of life and human nature touched by their pen tips and the creativity of their writing are astonishing. When people go to read and discuss, they quietly plunge into somewhere. Only in this way can we write works that truly understand social life.

Writers are naturally low – key.

They live in the deep folds of society as well as in their hearts and temperaments, so they can see the light in the dark, the shadow in the sunshine, and the pain in the depths of the earth. They are not born to be stars, they will not run themselves, they will only create characters. Any thinker is like this: he puts himself in a low profile in order to make his thoughts really become a high profile of the times.

Enjoy a low profile – quiet, down – to – earth, profound and meaningful.

Low – key is not forgotten by the edge, let alone incompetence. On the contrary, only self-confidence can achieve low-key and content with low – key.