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Learning to solve problems is more useful than avoiding them.

Why practice solving problems?

Listen to what the three parties say.

1 Children’s Problems

Sun Hao: I’m on pins and needles waiting for the bell to ring. My heart is getting more and more nervous. I guess Xia Yu and Wang Yuecheng should wait for me at the corner of the school again, making fun of me as ” Sun et al.” In order not to let them make fun of me, I can only go home and tell my mother that I have stomachache or dizziness, and have to find a way to take a few days off from class. The teacher probably doesn’t trust me any more. I guess I won’t have a chance to choose a small captain next week, but anyway, it’s better than being teased by them every day! I really don’t know what to do. I’ll just play truant and stay at home.

The problem of parents

The child has been unhappy since he came back these days. he said that he would take a few days off for his stomachache as soon as he came back. I had to take him to the hospital quickly. he refused to go and he didn’t have to take a few days off for his stomachache. Isn’t it obvious that you don’t want to go to school? When he asked him, he said that he had a stomachache and was not feeling well. Later he realized that he was afraid that his classmates would make fun of him before he made up the lie. Son, what should I do about this problem?

The teacher’s question

Sun Hao had been able to finish his homework on time, did not ask for leave casually, and did not skip classes. But recently, homework was handed in several times late and absent-minded in class. If Sun Hao gets tired of studying and gets into the habit again, our teachers will have no choice!

Heart of Peace

Sun Hao’s weariness of studying is that he is afraid of being teased by his classmates. It can be seen that Sun Hao lacks the ability to solve problems. In order not to be teased, they took leave of absence to escape, and the parents did not observe the child’s psychological changes in time to help him solve the problem, and mistakenly thought that they would send him to the hospital.

The child’s young heart was suffering at this moment and thought, ” Who can help me solve this problem?” If parents use coaching methods to communicate with their children, first, they can let the children tell the root of the problem, and second, they can cultivate the children’s ability to solve the problem independently. All his lies are to avoid the teasing of his classmates. Is he willing to lie all the time? Does he not want to solve the problem?

The truth of the matter

Law of cause and effect

The ” law of cause and effect” put forward by the famous philosopher Socrates has influenced all mankind.

The law of cause and effect means that one can reap what one sows, and one can reap what one sows. That is to say, planting good causes leads to good results and planting evil causes leads to evil consequences. The same is true when children encounter problems. Because the ” bean” of the child has just sprouted and is still very fragile. It is still a young seedling and is slowly growing up. He needs to experience the wind and rain himself, to experience the sweet and sour, to grow into towering trees before he can withstand the wind and rain.

In fact, 90% of parents are making this mistake ( thinking, doing, paving and arranging for their children ). This is really terrible!

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