Jewish Businessman: Making Money with His Head

There is a famous western saying that ” gold mined from people’s minds is more than gold mined from underground.”

Wealth depends on the head. Jews say that your value is the head, not the hand. They depend on the head to get rich. Jews seem relaxed when doing business. They are actually thinking about problems.

” There are plenty of money, unfortunately your pocket size. If your mind is open enough, then your wallet will increase. ” This is what the Jews said.

The Jews are extremely shrewd in doing business. They have made money by building brilliant ideas with their clever minds.

This is the commercial principle of the Jews: as a businessman, his task is to find a way to make a complete and reasonable business plan, and the rest is to let others play with themselves and wait to make money.

” Talmud” has such a story:

There was a king who owned a large vineyard and hired many workers to take care of it. One of the workers was extremely capable and skilled, so the king asked him to manage the garden.

One day, the king came to the vineyard for a walk and asked him to accompany him. After the day’s work, the workers formed a long line to receive the salary, almost all of them received the same salary, but when the gardener received the salary, everyone protested and talked about it. They thought that the worker only worked for two hours and spent the rest of the time hanging around with the king, so he could not get the same salary as others.

At this moment, the king said, ” I sent him because he is familiar with your work and is here to take care of you. Although he only worked for two hours today, when he left, you still finished the task according to the regulations he gave you. He finished the work you only finished in one day in two hours, so his salary was the same as before. ”

Work achievement cannot be calculated by working hours, nor by how much work he has done, but by how much effective work he has actually achieved.

Jews have already done so early in their history. In 1910, a large number of Jews entered North America. In the beginning, they, like the English, Spanish and Portuguese who immigrated together, were engaged in the simplest manual work. Eight out of every ten of them are manual workers, but soon they all quit. Because, for the Jews, they were forced to engage in these manual occupations because of discrimination and lack of opportunities. When they have a basic guarantee of survival, they will no longer do so. These jobs are poorly paid, but they involve a lot of hard work and are still very unstable. In particular, these jobs will lower one’s status, which is totally out of line with the pursuit of Jews.

As a result, they rely on their good educational background to find decent, well-paid and profitable jobs. After several decades, many of them became millionaires. This is when the famous Rothschild family became famous. Later, only one in every 10 Jews was a blue-collar worker, and the rest became the proletariat. In people’s eyes, every Jew has become an important figure. However, people from other ethnic groups still have to continue to work hard to wave their hoes and sweat to get a daily meal.

This is the different fate caused by two different concepts: the former became rich by their own wisdom, while the latter still lived by selling their physical strength and had to continue their enslaved life throughout their lives.

It can be seen that wealth is definitely acquired by intelligent brains, and the traditional manual labor will not bring the greatest wealth. Even the legendary Hercules are at best maintaining their own livelihood today. In today’s age when more and more attention is paid to knowledge, intelligent people are destined to be masters of the world.

Jews have their own opinions about making money. They believe that there are three ways to make money, one is by body, the other is by physical strength, and the third is by head. Selling oneself is the saddest and lowest way to make money, while selling one’s physical strength is the second, and the top way to make money is to rely on one’s head. Jews have always been rich by their heads. Many Jews in the world live a comfortable life in various countries, but they can earn what they want in their leisure time. This means that Jews make money by their heads, not by their bodies or physical strength.

Ten years ago, a 24 – year – old young baruch, from an ordinary background, with his accurate judgment and persistent efforts, borrowed 50,000 US dollars and rolled out 100 million yuan in 10 years, casting the grand enterprise of Israel’s first financial software. At that time, the computer industry was in vogue. With the entry of a large number of foreign brand computers, various software developed by large foreign companies began to enter the market. The computer industry was once again faced with the temptation of opportunities. Many people believed that foreign computers, both hardware and software, were far more risky and faster than their own countries’ efforts to develop national software. It was better to directly sell and promote foreign hardware and software.

Baruch still devotes himself to the development and sale of national financial software. He does not seem to care about the competition with his foreign counterparts. In his view, software applications cannot be separated from localization support of technologies and services. Many foreign companies can adjust their software to market, but their masters are foreign and cannot fully meet the requirements of domestic enterprises. The advantages of the enterprises dedicated to the national software industry lie here, which not only fully realize the localization support network of applications and services, but also fully consider the current situation of Israeli enterprises from the beginning of software design.

It is also by virtue of this advantage that in 2000, baruch defeated famous foreign companies and won the Ocean Company’s financial software cooperation project with a high price of 10 million US dollars for software services alone. baruch once again scored high marks in judgment.

That is why there is such a Jewish proverb: ” As long as you can use it correctly, your mind is your most useful asset.”

Billionaire Henry Ford said: ” Thinking is the hardest job in the world, so few people are willing to do it.”

Napoleon Hill, regarded by Jews as a mentor of wealth, repeatedly stressed ” think and grow rich” in his speech. Why do you think about getting rich instead of working hard? The most successful person emphasizes that the person who works hardest will never be rich in the end. If you want to become rich, you need to ” think” and think independently instead of blindly following others. One of the greatest assets of the rich is that they think differently from others. If you do what others do, you will eventually only have what others have.

George Hamlet used to recuperate at the Veterans Hospital in Si Nuo. He had a lot of time, but there was not much he could do except read and think. But he knows the value of thinking.

George knows that many laundries add a piece of cardboard to the hot shirt collar to prevent deformation. He wrote several letters to consult the manufacturers and learned that the price of this cardboard is $ 4 per thousand pieces. His idea is to print advertisements on cardboard and sell them to laundry at a low price of $ 1 per thousand to earn advertising profits.

After George was discharged from hospital, he immediately set about it and continued his daily habits of research, thinking and planning.

After the advertisement was launched, George found that the cardboard on the collar was discarded after the customer retrieved the clean shirt.

He asked himself, ” How can customers keep these cardboard and the advertisements on them?” The answer flashed through his mind.

He printed color or black-and-white advertisements on the front of the paper card, and added something new on the back – children’s coloring games, housewives’ delicious recipes or games played by the whole family. A husband complained about the soaring cost of laundry. He found out that his wife had sent a shirt that could last another day to wash in order to collect George’s recipes.

George was not complacent. He wants to make his career by going up one flight of stairs. He sent every 1,000 pieces of cardboard to the American Laundry Union, which recommended all its members to use his cardboard. Therefore, George has made another important discovery. Use your head to think and grow rich and you will get a steady stream of wealth.

Careful thinking and planning brought George considerable wealth.