Is it feasible to start a business with girlfriends?

Women’s entrepreneurship has become a reality

Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, women entrepreneurial groups account for a large proportion, and they have also contributed their own strength in promoting the development of China’s socialist cause.

On the road to entrepreneurship, women are not allowed to make eyebrows, and women can also find a place in the business world. Wang Yajun of Longhu Real Estate and Dong Mingzhu of Gree Electric Appliances are very famous female entrepreneurs. In addition, in many well-known companies, there are also outstanding female partners, such as Huawei Chairman Sun Yafang, Ant King Jin Peng Chairman Peng Lei, Didi Travel President Liu Qing, etc., are typical representatives in this regard. Among the world’s self-made female rich, China accounts for two-thirds, ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2017, the world’s richest woman is also a Chinese. There is no doubt that the success of Chinese women in the business world has become the biggest bright spot in economic development.

In terms of policy support, women’s entrepreneurship has also received more support. At present, governments, social organizations and enterprises at all levels in China have some projects for women’s entrepreneurship support. Under the guidance of the government, the future will further increase the participation of the whole society, and form a relatively complete system in terms of policy, finance, evaluation, etc., to provide more sustained support for women’s entrepreneurship.

According to another survey, the vigorous development of “her economy” has made women’s entrepreneurship “get near the water”. It is understood that the leading force of “her economy” is the female group, and the consumption upgrade in China is also largely related to the female group, which also provides a realistic basis for women’s entrepreneurship. With the general improvement of women’s spending power and the innate demand of women, “her economy” has created a trillion market. Ali’s statistics show that 70% of Ali e-commerce sales are contributed by women.

The more economically developed regions, the greater the proportion of women choosing to start a business. According to some surveys, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong rank first, second and fourth in terms of penetration rate of women’s entrepreneurship, while the three places are located in the Bohai Sea metropolitan area, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The most economically developed region.

Choose a girlfriend to go into battle

In the torrent of women’s entrepreneurship, we will focus on the unique entrepreneurial approach of partnerships.

There is a saying: Entrepreneurship is difficult, it is difficult to go to the sky. Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it also reflects the hardships of entrepreneurship. According to official statistics, the success rate of domestic entrepreneurship is around 3%. Female entrepreneurs have a higher probability of success than men, but they have not broken the overall success rate of 5%.

On such a difficult road, many people choose to go with their girlfriends. Choosing girlfriends as an entrepreneurial partner has many advantages. The first is that the two have a very solid foundation – mutual trust. Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, once said that many failed entrepreneurial cases are not due to project problems, nor because of the development direction, but because of insufficient trust between partners. Many newly formed partnership team members need to spend time to improve understanding and build trust relationships. Compared with such teams, the cooperation between girlfriends has a first-mover advantage.

At the same time, the unique advantages of women are expected to be further amplified in the girlfriends portfolio. For example, women are characterized by meticulousness, exquisite feelings, compassion, and imagination. Therefore, in business activities, these qualities are expressed in the sense of sensibility, experience, customer relationships, etc., which can promote entrepreneurial success. In addition, the resistance and resilience of female entrepreneurs should not be underestimated.

Of course, there are shared values ​​between girlfriends, which is also very helpful for entrepreneurship. There are a lot of partnerships that fall apart. The failure of the lesson is that when the values ​​between the partners are inconsistent, there will be inconsistencies in voice, which is extremely unfavorable for the operation of the startup. This is the chairman of Alibaba’s Board of Directors Ma Yun in public. When it comes to entrepreneurship, the real reason for the values ​​of partners has always been emphasized.

In addition, starting a business with girlfriends, they also have the advantages of partnership entrepreneurship, such as lowering the cost of starting a business and helping to reduce risks; partners can make up for each other’s deficiencies, rely on the power of girlfriends to fulfill their dreams; and can also realize resource sharing in the decision-making process. Can achieve brainstorming and reduce mistakes.

Division of labor clear scientific management

Because there are many differences in the knowledge, knowledge reserve, and work experience skills between girlfriends, in the process of starting a business, a clear division of labor must be made to lay the foundation for long-term cooperation in the future.

In the interview, the reporter learned that more experienced entrepreneurs usually choose their own roles in the company when they choose partners, so as to clear unnecessary obstacles for future decision-making. Because the entrepreneurial partner chooses the identity of the girlfriend, which is different from the general partner, it is easy to mix personal feelings in the work, which will make the decision-making process complicated, but it is not good for the development of the company. Therefore, in the special combination of girlfriends, it is necessary to first define their respective division of labor and determine their respective roles.

Of course, the business of girlfriends is about joint decision-making. In the interview, the reporter found that almost all cases show that the direction of the company’s development is determined by both partners. There is no right or wrong for the choice of decision-making plan, but only need to bear different risks after the choice. Of course, in the venture, the partners still have to determine the primary and secondary relationship, usually based on the difference in their respective capital contributions, or the difference in the shares. However, it is also necessary to avoid the situation of “one word”, and no one has the final say. It is necessary to make each other’s opinions and choose the best solution.

Of course, women need to avoid “emotional black holes” in the management process. Women’s sensitive, delicate and insecure traits make women inevitably emotional and even emotionally controlled, which is precisely the management taboo. Being emotionally controlled can make people lose their rationality, and making judgments in the case of impulsiveness can be imagined. In the interview, some entrepreneurs mentioned this and thought that emotion would endanger the company management.

Don’t forget to sign the agreement in advance

Although entrepreneurship is a gender-free campaign, it is undeniable that women’s entrepreneurship faces more difficulties than men. It also needs to be overcome at the beginning of the business and in the entrepreneurial process.

It is understood that for female entrepreneurs, the main obstacles come from social recognition, especially in the business sector where men dominate. How to gain recognition is a hurdle that every entrepreneurial woman must cross. At the same time, the girlfriends portfolio must overcome the traditional concept of women’s care for the family, and how to balance the difficulties of work and family. Especially in the time allocation of family and work, we must plan well in advance. If the beard is caught, there may be a phenomenon of losing one, which will affect entrepreneurship.

On the road to entrepreneurship, women also need to circumvent some of their own shortcomings. The entrepreneurial process can not be described as hard, so women must change their own little princess disease, cultivate themselves into a tough entrepreneurial female, and at the same time improve their execution, which is crucial for entrepreneurial success.

In addition, women must consciously and actively learn to improve their abilities. Some research institutions have conducted surveys on women’s entrepreneurship. The results show that women are most eager to acquire the following six capabilities: macro-strategic ability, psychological quality (self-confidence and resilience), network and resource integration capabilities, continuous entrepreneurial ability, learning ability, and external The ability to communicate. Therefore, in the process of starting a business, the girlfriends must constantly achieve self-energy and have the qualities of successful entrepreneurs, including speed, passion and so on.

Of course, in the process of partnership entrepreneurship, no matter how many people trust, if it involves the distribution of benefits, we must first prepare a contract with legal benefits. Because blind trust, not only will ruin the friendship between each other, but it is still a very dangerous thing. Some legal people have done this analogy: partnership is like marriage, verbal commitment is like love, it is fragile.

In addition, the company’s accounts should be clear, and each month’s accounts must have vouchers and records. It is best to set up a partner public account, and both parties can check the account information at any time. At the same time, the exit mechanism must also be agreed in advance. Because the ability of both sides of the girlfriends is large and small, the amount of capital contribution is also more or less. The right to speak in the company is inevitably not equal. If the withdrawal mechanism is not well agreed in advance, it will be difficult to achieve a good gathering.