Toy Time Management Reading Mobile Internet Literature

In the eyes of the wise, mobile phones are no longer toys but thinking tools.

In those days, when the PC Internet was first introduced, Chinese people used it more as a means of entertainment and browsing, while westerners used it more as a search and learning tool. In the era of mobile Internet, some people continue to regard mobile phones as toys and let them drive them. However, the wise men even use the mobile phone as a tool, striving to be the owner of the mobile phone. A wise man will use his mobile phone to quickly draw energy, instead of being pushed around by other people’s ideas, to make himself more agile and broad.

Mobile phone addiction has become a modern disease. Many people cannot leave their mobile phones all the time. If they go out one day without a mobile phone, they will become distracted and even feel deeply unable to move. Look at the streets, subways, bus stops, cafes, intersections, almost everyone is hand in hand.

Adults are so obsessed with mobile phones, not to mention our children.

However, some people also use mobile phones, which not only do not affect their work or study, but also become good helpers and small assistants for study.


I know a friend, and my mobile phone is very good. Many colleagues poked fun at him and said that there were too many temptations from mobile phones, so don’t play with things and lose your mind. But over the past few years, the performance of friends has soared, personal growth has become more and more excellent, and children’s academic performance has risen instead of falling.

Talking with him, he said that he had found many good things with his mobile phone over the years. The mobile phone has become his tool, for example, it can help him manage his time well, can choose some rich lines for classes, and can also read many inspiring and inspiring articles.

More importantly, no matter in life or study, I can always look up problems that I don’t understand or can’t solve through my mobile phone … so I sighed: my mobile phone has always been my most effective partner. Moreover, this habit of using mobile phones as tools affects children. Children’s grades have gradually risen from the previous lower and middle grades to the current top ten grades.

These words make people feel very deeply. In particular, the last sentence is even more revealing. It is not that there is anything wrong with the mobile phone, but that the ” people” who manage the mobile phone have problems in understanding and using it.

Most of the time, we are very good at making excuses for ourselves, pushing our self-discipline to mobile phones, and influencing our self-discipline to children. Sometimes when I think about it, shifting the responsibility to the mobile phone is like turning my foot around, because there is something wrong with my strange shoes.

I don’t make good use of smart high-tech products, and I don’t make full use of the rich resources connected to my mobile phone to enrich myself. Instead, I constantly brush up my circle of friends, even play games to pass the time, or engage in some useless social activities, covet pleasure, waste a lot of time and resources, and waste my youth.

I remember Ma Dong hit the nail on the head at the exotic flower conference: many people think that mobile phones are too tempting. In fact, we should look for problems from ourselves. It is our own lack of self – discipline. Without mobile phones, will we become self – disciplined? I’m afraid I will be playing computer games, or holding romantic novels, playing with substitutes that can bring us all kinds of pleasure.

After all, the role of mobile phone should be the tool first. Some people also use cell phones very well: the student party who uses cell phones to memorize words on buses; Office workers who write beautiful Chinese with Jane after work; Music scholars who have been learning and charging online through mobile phones … are making use of the intelligence and convenience brought to us by mobile phones to constantly broaden their horizons, enrich themselves and improve themselves.

Although human beings are advanced animals, they often have external attribution bias and blame others for tempting them. In daily life, many people are anxious because their mobile phones are not around. But this does not mean that mobile phones have destroyed our lives.

Some people will make full use of high technology and the intelligence of mobile phones to make full use of the various resources connected by mobile phones to realize their life value.

A rural woman named Ma Huijuan in Ningxia, just like countless ordinary farmers, lives in the fields, living an ordinary life of sunrise and sunset.

However, she loves literature and started literary creation from the first step of her mobile phone. In the past 7 years, she has used 7 mobile phones and written works of nearly a million words.

Mobile phone has become the carrier of her contact with the world, and her works have attracted more attention. In the end, he published his own collection of essays, entered the stage of ” I am an orator” and received the invitation from Lu Xun’s academy, the literary palace that young writers dream of. Thus changed the life track, realized own dream.

Therefore, instead of blaming mobile phones for destroying themselves and children, it is better to calm down and think about how to use actions to influence children and learn information literacy with children so that mobile phones can be used for their own use and give full play to their maximum value.


Everyone has a loose nature. More important is self-education and self – discipline. In fact, many children use mobile phones to play games, but do not know that mobile phones have more functions for their own use. Therefore, parents need guidance and guidance.

Learn to make full use of the fragmentary time in your life, enrich yourself and improve yourself by using your mobile phone. Individuals will make greater progress, grow faster, and discover a better self continuously.

So, how can adults and children make better use of mobile phones?

First, mobile phones can be used for reading, as a portable library

The reading process is a continuous learning process. Compared with books, mobile phones are more convenient to carry around and read at any time, allowing us to use a large amount of fragmentary time to study. Mobile phone reading can not only read news and information, but also read all kinds of e-books that help us grow and continuously improve ourselves.

If the child has a good habit of reading, he can be advised to use some mobile phone reading apps, such as iBook, mobile library, hand reading, etc., which will provide a large number of meaningful books.

Second, for listening, ” listening and learning” can liberate eyes.

Watching mobile phones for too long is prone to eye fatigue. Mobile phones can be used not only for reading but also for listening. Many applications use voice to transmit information. They can listen to news, books and lectures. My eyes are tired and I can learn by listening.

The advantage of listening is that you can free your eyes and hands. No matter what you are doing, you can open it and listen while doing things. This can make full use of time to study.

Three, watching videos, documentaries and celebrity speeches

Mobile phone video combines watching and listening, making information more intuitive and spreading faster. Apart from reading books and watching documentaries, listening to celebrity speeches is also a good way to learn. Documentaries produced at home and abroad now cover almost all disciplines, humanities, nature and social scenery in the world. Watching documentaries is an excellent way to know the world and broaden your horizons.

For example, Brilliant China, Journey across Mountains and Rivers to Study, Fantastic Ocean and the Power of Art. In addition, you can also watch some famous speeches at home and abroad, which is helpful for children to expand their thinking and improve their concepts.

Four, can try more App, learn more frontier information

Mobile phone learning is not only through text, voice and video, but also a learning process to try and understand various new things. During the mobile Internet time, many new knowledge is presented on the mobile phone App. You can learn more advanced things by trying to use APP.

For example, middle school students can use the word App to enlarge their vocabulary. For example, scallop words, 100 – word chop, many neighboring countries, etc. These App usually add voice, pictures, Chinese and other tips to make learning no longer boring. In addition, these App’s are usually memorized by a circular memory method to make the memory longer.

More importantly, human beings improve their judgment by contacting the world. Mobile phones are the effective extension of the human body, making people stronger, smarter, closer to innovation and civilization, and ultimately enhancing their creativity in meeting challenges. The first computer of human being can perform 5000 operations per second, but the speed is only one millionth of that of IPHONE, compared with that of mobile phone, which can be called off the charts.

In this era when machines are becoming more and more intelligent, the use of mobile phones also reflects the importance of the synchronous upgrading of human thinking mode, and what cannot be ignored is the computer thinking contained therein. Human beings live in a small world. The pattern and thinking growth of individual children must be effectively connected with the intelligent network of human civilization. However, the linear processing methods of ” usable” and ” unusable” need to be avoided in the process. This requires parents to have higher order of thinking and to patiently educate and guide children.

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