In four years, she was forced to sleep more than 100 times and had sex with 31 people, killing her, not just sex.

Is justice really not absent? Can suicide blow away the fog of darkness?

Sometimes, this is not the case.

In 2009, there was a suicide case of a female star who shook the entertainment circle:

The deceased was named Zhang Ziyan, and what she charged with death was the 31 senior officials from all walks of life she had been forced to sleep with for four years.

But at that time the case did not get a fair verdict. Until now, 2018, the case has quietly passed the litigation period.

Even though more than 230,000 people petitioned for the dead to be re – investigated. But the deaf prosecutors still covered their ears and closed their eyes.

So someone wrote this tragedy into the script and made it into a movie, plaything.

Zheng Zhixi, the heroine of this film, takes Zhang Ziyan as the prototype.

Like all new actors and actresses who have just entered the profession, she is eager to receive scripts, act and realize her dream of acting.

However, there are fewer porridge and more monks. Since signing the contract, she has hardly received any jobs, and her agent has not responded to her.

So she told her boss that she wanted to work more frequently. This is the beginning of her nightmare.

In the beginning, she could receive advertisements and magazines as long as she accompanied the hostess at the request of the president and manager.

But then, she began to suffer sexual harassment.

In the KTV with debauched lights, the manager sat by and puffed up clouds. The young lady called in sang sweet and greasy love songs, while the director who took her dancing slowly reached into her underwear …

She resisted and pushed, but clutching her director tightly, she stretched out her hand and leaned into her underwear. It was not until she screamed and ran away in fear that the obscene director stopped invading.

This time, however, Zheng Zhixi was beaten and abused by his agent.

They threatened Zheng Zhixi: If you don’t do it, then you know the consequences!

It is easy for them to discredit Zheng Zhixi and ruin his family.

As a result, she began to be forced to sleep with her.

Every time she returned to the apartment, she had to scrub her body repeatedly to get rid of her deep dislike for herself.

One year, two years, three years … She thought she would be relieved sooner or later. Until the company sent her to the bed where three men were lying.

What does it mean to lose all hope and abandon herself? From this night on, she finally realized that she was just a prop for company sex trade and a sex doll for numerous high-ranking officials and rich people.

The last straw that crushed her was that she found that all the costs she had paid were just dowry for another popular actress.

She slept with others and was relieved.

After giving everything, she got nothing.

So Zheng Zhixi finally saw that his only relief was death.

The film is based on reality, but reality is much more cruel than film.

Zhang Ziyan, the prototype of the female owner, was forced to provide more than 100 sexual services in the four years from 2005 to 2009.

Even on the day of her mother’s death, she was forced by the company into a bed of sex trade.

In order to make her more ” efficient” in hosting senior officials, the company even bought a building.

At the end of this dark staircase, Zhang Ziyan was imprisoned with countless desperate cries.

Sometimes, she needs to receive nearly 10 dignitaries one night and is tortured to the point where it is difficult to walk.

These vip guests will even give her medicine to make her have a physiological reaction and touch herself in public so as to have fun and play better.

Here, Zhang Ziyan is just a plaything for people to amuse themselves. It is a high-class prostitute locked up in a money deal.

Once, Zhang Ziyan asked a friend, ” How many guests does the hotel lady have to receive in a day?”

A friend told her that about 2 or 3 a day was enough.

Only then did she realize that she was not as good as a prostitute.

At one point, the company even forced her to have her vasectomy so that the guests could have more fun playing with her.

After four years of strong support, the disillusioned Zhang Ziyan finally chose to die.

Leaving behind a letter of complaint with blood and tears, and a diary recording the sex trade list.

But what have these brought?

Only one year’s criminal law, suspended for two years, will be exchanged for the boss of the brokerage company.

However, the 31 sex traders she uncovered are still living a carefree and safe life.

Because her suicide note and diary were found to be forged;

The female star who testified for her was completely banned.

The whereabouts of surveillance and physical evidence are all unknown;

The record of high amount of money transactions has also been quibbled into charitable transactions.

In the end, the Procuratorate did not leave any useful records. Zhang Ziyan’s death was not allowed to go away. The case has passed the litigation period until now.

Hell is empty, the devil is on earth.

We can’t even imagine how many desperate ” Zhang Ziyan” there are in this world?

The world is as dangerous as a primitive jungle, and the weak ones are just ants curled up at the foot of trees. A gust of wind and a drop of rain can dominate their lives.

If time goes back to the beginning, Zhang Ziyan, with a young face, stood in front of the president and said, ” I will not accompany you with this wine!”

Then she is still in some corner of the world, living simply and happily.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as if.

Sometimes, living is already the greatest courage.