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I would like to devote my whole life to learning.

This year, the biggest harvest is probably to understand Yang Jiang’s words, the biggest change is: down – to – earth.

Looking back on myself a year ago, I always felt as if I was standing in mid – air, without any ability or economic support, blindly pursuing my dream in my heart. I thought it was courage, not going with the flow, but sticking to myself. As Liu Yu said: ” under the cover of youth, decadence is courage, laziness is resistance, emptiness is sexy.” Although he is standing on the tail of youth, he has been struck naked.

Now I finally understand that only when I stand firmly at my feet and control my life well, those lofty pursuits and dreams are really real. Therefore, the main work for the past six months is to cultivate one’s survival ability and learning attitude.

Qian Zhongshu: Willing to devote his whole life to learning
I forgot which book Yang Jiang read. When learning a foreign language, yuan qian encountered a very difficult word and did not find it after searching three dictionaries. So he went to ask his father, but Qian Zhongshu did not tell her to continue searching until he found the fifth dictionary.

Perhaps what we lack is this independence of learning. A correct learning attitude should depend on ourselves, not on shortcuts, not on troubles, nor on others. We must have our own learning methods.

Readers often leave me messages saying that they also want to write articles. Do you have any skills? I know that I am not qualified to teach others to write, but I also have some ideas about writing articles.

” Dry goods” articles are very popular now, summarizing the experience and skills of doing something and telling everyone, but I doubt very much what readers get after reading these dry goods. Of course, these are also knowledge, but whether they can become their own after watching is a question.

I think the only skill for writing articles is to read more, observe more and think more! As for more exercises, for example, some authors insist on writing thousands of words every day, which is based on reading, observation and thinking. if writing can be divided into four levels of ” Tao, method, technique and device”, then ” writing” is actually the lowest level of ” device”. what ” dry goods” articles can teach us is only at the level of ” device”. without the practice of ” technique, method and method”, it is impossible to write good articles.

Qian Zhongshu: Willing to devote his whole life to learning
Writing articles is a kind of accumulation. Books we have read, people we have seen, and things we have experienced will all precipitate in our hearts. At some point, they will suddenly come to understand, and then they will become words that do not spit out unhappiness. When accumulation is not enough and thinking is not enough and understanding is not enough, the articles we have written are empty, because the essence that dominates the pros and cons of an article is actually thought.

The same is true for learning other things. You can consult some experienced ” predecessors” and let them take you to the door, but don’t expect others to teach you the experience, read a few ” dry goods” articles, or reserve a few more app to truly master this knowledge. Everyone’s character, thinking and learning ability are different. I think if you really want to learn something, nothing is more effective than taking concrete actions.

For example, I wanted to learn financial management. I didn’t know where to start at the beginning, so I consulted with two friends. they asked me, ” do you want to make money or do you want to learn?” I said, ” study, I want to know what financial management is.” So they recommended me some introductory books, such as ” Rich Dad and Poor Dad,” ” Puppy Qian Qian,” ” Smart Investor” and ” Poor Charlie’s Book.” I bought one by one and read these books. Now, of course, I can’t learn how to manage money. But I think these have changed many narrow ideas about money in the past. Compared with learning it can help me make money, what is more important is that it once again broadens my thinking field.

Also, I find it strange that my own life has become regular since I went to the gym. I sleep from 10 to 11 p.m. every night ( with occasional exceptions ), get up from 6 to 6.30 a.m. to ensure eight hours of sleep, eat no junk food, drink no drinks, and even sit in front of the computer deliberately to avoid hunchback. After a few private lessons, I found that the coach only taught some movements, and I could only follow him mechanically. I didn’t understand the principles of sports at all. I wouldn’t know anything without private lessons, so I ran to the bookstore and bought a lot of books on sports.

The ” golden circle rule” is not only applicable to the workplace, it is the same in everything you do. first you understand why you do it, then you look for ways, and then you can see the results.

Qian Zhongshu: Willing to devote his whole life to learning
Talking with a friend, I said that I felt that many so-called ” dry goods” articles are actually platitudes, but they are very marketable. He said: Because many people only like to see dry goods that they can understand. I wonder if this is the reason why some people can dig deep in one field while others can only try a little. I don’t study until I see others’ sharing. Once I feel difficult, I give up. Therefore, I will always go around the periphery and learn nothing in the end.

The day before yesterday, a minor editor of a Fortune 500 public number came to me and asked me to put out the fire, because the author who originally agreed to lead the reading of ” The Kite Runner” on the public number stood up. I originally refused, because literature is different from reference books or business books. I am afraid that I will destroy this book if I do not speak well. Besides, it is my sin if someone does not read the book after reading the lead book. After all, the essence of the book cannot be summed up by others, and only by reading it myself can they gain something.

Woody Allen said a sarcastic remark, ” I took a speed reading class, finished” War and Peace ” in 20 minutes, and then learned that this book is related to Russia.”

No one can teach as much as he does, and it may take more time. However, the difficulties he breaks through in the process and the thinking he learns will benefit him all his life, because what we learn will not only be ” devices” but also ” Tao”.

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