How to keep self-discipline when living alone?

1. The first thing to do when getting up is to pull the quilt neatly without folding the quilt, but to pull it a little more smoothly, it takes less than 1 minute, but the room is far away from being untidy.

2. Twist your neck and stretch it. It is usually a very rhythmic song. Twist it for a few minutes and then wash your face. It takes 3 minutes to brush your teeth. It is best to buy an electric toothbrush.

3. A nice and easy-to-use dirty clothes basket costs less than 50 yuan. Buy two, one for dirty clothes to be washed and the other for clothes to be changed every day. After washing and changing the vest, throw it into the dirty basket, and fold up the other basket for evening wear. It is better not to fold it, but it is better than littering it on the chair.

4. Keys, earphones, public transportation cards and wallets must form the habit of placing them in fixed positions. The box I used to buy my mobile phone is placed upside down on the shelf and the box is used to hold these. Put the key headset into the home and take it in the box when you go out. There is no embarrassment of looking for the key when you go out.

5. Whether you like reading or not, it is very convenient to buy a bookshelf in your bedroom, even if there are only a few books for daily necessities.

6. Garbage cans will never be filled with garbage. Buy better garbage bags, with solid handles, and at least mop the floor once a week. The family should have Bluetooth stereo, Hu Defu’s ” Rush” or Ma Youyou’s ” Tango of Soul” and Vivaldi’s ” Four Seasons”. These albums are all very suitable for listening to during the cleaning. To take cleaning as a sport, listening to music can gradually become a hobby and make people quiet.

7, summer home sandals to two pairs, a pair of bathroom only wear when taking a bath, out of the bathroom to change shoes, mop the floor to keep trouble.

8. Never stay at home for a whole day. If it rains, you have to go to a cafe. If the weather is fine, you can walk around. It’s nothing to stay alone, but you will get into a black hole all day and get farther and farther away from the sun.

9, if you can cook environment, fire at least twice a week, eat or call friends are good, cultivate oneself can have specialty. It is suitable to listen to an episode of ” Arabian Nights” when cooking.

10, home cup to wash frequently, mugs drink coffee, another cup to drink cold white open this is standard, it is best to form the habit of cold boiled water in the refrigerator, the best cup can get used to the coaster, drink ice water cup on the table left marks really annoying.

11. Wash the sheets once half a month. I recommend lavender – scented air fresheners in the wardrobe. A can can last for three months at a few dollars.

12. Two boxes of mineral water are always available at home ( because they are both bags and mail ). Go to the gym and get a bottle of mineral water. You can also take a bottle of water with you when you go out to eat fast food. When you walk and drink on the road, you won’t be in such a hurry just to catch a meal and take a walk.

13, buy things to a fixed supermarket, eat also need to have a fixed number of restaurants, buy fruit to find a fixed booth, and smile, a person’s life, no one to add to your block, to the strangers around you are better, over time, you will be more happy.

14, yoga mat have to buy a piece, a person at home exercise, convenient.

15, try to go to bed at eleven o’ clock in the evening, don’t play mobile phone.

Small things, form a habit, adjust according to your favorite lifestyle, don’t set up all kinds of great goals with a pen, life is not so boring, is some miscellaneous small things, when dealing with life is not shabby distress. A person living, take good care of yourself, mountain high water long, mochow road no bosom friend.