How does eye contact catch our attention

We can often see such descriptions in movies and television works: in a crowded room or street, you look around at another person, the sound of the surrounding scenes seems to fade away gradually, and at that moment, your thoughts seem to be linked together.

Although this kind of sentence sounds too dreamy, eye contact does make us less able to pay attention to other things. Psychologists have conducted a study on how eye contact captures our attention.

The report said that when the two sides make eye contact and we realize that we are dealing with the matter of looking at another person’s heart, the idea of satisfying others’ eyes immediately attracts a large number of brain processes, and when we are more and more aware of the existence of others and feel that others have their own thoughts and opinions, this in turn makes us feel more self – existent.

It is very distracting to realize that he has become the object of thinking in his brain, which is also the reason why ” the sounds in the surrounding scenes seem to fade away gradually”.

The Japanese team has also confirmed this situation in previous studies: in the experiment, the subjects had to watch the film of the human face and complete a word challenge at the same time. the challenge included selecting the correct verb to match various nouns ( such as ” drinking” milk ). when the characters in the film made eye contact with the subjects, the subjects were obviously more struggling in the word challenge when encountering those nouns that needed more thinking. the researchers think that this happened because the effect of eye contact was so strong that even the strangers in the film exhausted our cognitive reserve.

In fact, even if we gaze at animals in the zoo or even just see a portrait that looks like we have eye contact with each other, we often have profound feelings judged and examined by other consciousness, triggering the activities of the relevant parts of the brain that are related to social cognition.

Other similar studies have also found that satisfying others’ direct gaze interferes with our working memory ( ability to grasp and use information in a short time ), imagination and mental control. Although we may not be aware of it, we have all experienced these effects in person. As long as we temporarily disconnect from eye contact with people, we can better focus on what you say or think. Some psychologists even suggest that we regard eye shift as a strategy to help children answer questions.

According to reports, another effect of eye contact may help to explain why sometimes short-term eye contact is so strong and powerful. A recent study found that gazing at each other can lead to some kind of partial fusion between ourselves and others: when evaluating these strangers who have made eye contact, we will think that they are more similar in character and appearance. under the correct background, when the people around us are busy, this effect also enhances the feeling of sharing some special moment.

The chemical reaction of eye contact is more than that. If you choose to approach, you will find that the pupils of both sides will dilate or contract simultaneously. This situation is called ” pupil imitation” or ” pupil infection” and is interpreted as a form of subconscious social imitation.

Of course, some skeptical theories believe that this statement is only a response to changes in the brightness of the other’s eyes. However, at least past studies by psychologists have confirmed that when we are stimulated in physiological sense, our pupils will dilate whether it is due to intellectual, emotional, aesthetic or sexual interests.

According to the report, from a physiological point of view, the size of the eye is not the only one that sends out messages. Recent studies have shown that limbal rings ( dark circles around the iris ) are more common in younger and healthier people, and observers can understand this to some extent, while complex emotions can be read out in eye muscles. When you squint or open your eyes wide, this expression of eyes is like a facial expression, which can easily convey our emotions to others.