High – level men never reluctantly

In the plain black book ” Love Yourself Well,” there is a saying like this: ” Don’t force it, don’t force it, love must feel at ease and take care of yourself and others.”

Love is never a person’s business. Love is responsible not only to oneself but also to each other.

No matter how much you love someone, you can’t love them unilaterally, and you can’t just care about your emotions and ignore their feelings.

You have to understand that the best love is not to demand, not to force, to truly respect each other’s wishes.

At the same time, you also need to know that love is not the only thing in life, you can’t love a person, but you also need to be prepared to lose.

In addition to love in the world, there are many things you need to pay for. If you regard love as the world, happiness will definitely be far away from you.

No matter men or women, don’t always indulge in feelings and lose yourself.

Sometimes, it is a good choice to learn to let go. When your love has become a problem for the other party, letting go is actually a relief for her.

In fact, when love fails, high-level men never force it. I hope you can also learn to let go, not force each other, but also not force yourself.

High – level men know how to respect each other’s feelings.
A high-level man knows how to respect each other’s feelings. He will not force others to do things he does not want, nor will he force a relationship. If he likes a woman very much, but that woman has no feeling for him, he will not ask her to love him, because he hopes the other party has the right to pursue his own feelings.

In fact, to tell the truth, that kind of forced feelings, and really happy? It is not only an insult to oneself, but also unfair to the other party. Why bother? Since the other party has no feelings for you, your pursuit and dedication will only be regarded as a kind of perplexity, and she will not have any happiness.

High – level men hope to pursue equal feelings.
Some low-level men care most about their feelings. Even if the other party does not love him, he only wants her. However, what is the meaning of such love? This is only to satisfy their own competitive heart, did not get each other’s heart.

A high-level man hopes to pursue equal feelings. While he is good to the other party, he also hopes that the other party will love him equally. If he cannot get the love of the other party, he would rather not have this feeling, which is a little dignity and pride of high-level men.

High – level men don’t want to embarrass each other.
A high-level man knows how to think of each other. He will not embarrass each other. He is also reluctant to embarrass each other. He loved and was loved, so he knew deeply what it was like to love and not to love. If he is forced by others to love someone he does not love, he will also feel very uncomfortable, so he does not want the other party to suffer such pain.

In fact, to love a person is not to burden and trouble him, but to really make him happy and make him relaxed and happy. This is the best love. May you be able to open up earlier and understand that true love is more difficult than force.

ALFY also once said: ” For love, don’t be too heavy, don’t expect too much, don’t ask, don’t force. Please remember that love is beautiful, but it is not the only important thing in life. ”

Love should let nature take its course, and women should also look for someone who is really with us in two of a kind. That person, when with you, will respond to your deep feeling attentively.

If you can find it, it is best. If you can’t find what you want to do, it is to wait for the happiness that really belongs to you.

You have to understand, the world is so big, people are still vast, the man who loves you, to find you, must delay a little time on the road.