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In Moscow, from March 1, a new system for fixing traffic violations at intersections will be launched. Drivers who left during the congestion on the waffle maker markup risk getting a penalty order for the amount of 1 thousand rubles. with six photos from different angles. While the system will monitor the intersection of the Garden Ring and Orlikov Lane, the cameras will subsequently appear at another 100 points. According to Kommersant’s data, the traffic police of Russia insisted on the need to save video files so that in case of an appeal citizens could see the real picture of what had happened.

From March 1, 2019, a new system of photo and video recording of traffic violations will start working in the capital. This was announced by the Moscow Center for the Organization of Road Traffic (TsODD) and UGIBDD in Moscow. Several cameras will monitor the exit at the intersection during congestion. Shooting will begin if the car will stay at the intersection for more than five seconds. Special software will determine the intruder, the CCD and the traffic police will check the correctness of the decision and then form a penalty resolution with six photos (from different angles).

Recall the rules prohibit traveling to the intersection in the event of a traffic jam, “which forced the driver to stop, creating an obstacle to the movement of vehicles in the transverse direction.” In 2018, for the convenience of drivers, a clarification was made to the traffic regulations: the zone where it is forbidden to drive in may be marked with markings in the form of intersecting yellow lines, the so-called “waffle iron”. The penalty has so far been used quite rarely, since the staff of the traffic police is not enough to fix violations.

The Moscow authorities, who in fact initiated the introduction of changes to the rules (leaving during a traffic jam with “locking” intersections – one of the main problems of the Moscow movement), initially planned to control the “waffle iron” with the help of cameras. But technically it was not easy to do this, the preparation took several months. Long coordination, according to “Kommersant”, came with the traffic police of Russia. The department, in particular, insisted on using an overview camera, on which a panorama of the intersection is visible, and saving the video file. Recall that an obligatory sign of a violation of Section 13.2 of traffic rules is to create interference, in other words, if the driver drove onto the waffle iron, ran into the tail of the traffic jam, but does not prevent anyone from passing (or there are no cars in the transverse direction), then this is not a violation. Specialists of TsODD and traffic police must control, so that fines in such cases are not imposed. If the driver appeals against the fine to the UGIBDD in Moscow, then he will have the opportunity to watch a video. It should be noted that the CTO has only recently begun to store video as evidence for some violations, in particular for the stop-line passages.

The new technology will be tested (with the distribution of fines) while at the intersection of the Garden Ring and Orlikovy Lane, although earlier the CTO has inflicted a “waffle iron” already at 103 intersections. “The traffic police will look at how it works, assess the quality of administration and control, after that we will make a decision (about installing new cameras . – “ Kommersant ” ), – Moscow’s Vice-Mayor Maxim Liksutov explained to“ Kommersant. ” to be bigger, but we don’t have goals that we should have, for example, 200 or 500 ”. Before the intersection with the “waffle iron” of the CTO, it places a road sign of the type 1.35 “Intersection of the crossroad” with a yellow cross on a gray background. It is curious that in GOST there is still no such indicator, although it appeared in traffic regulations in September.

Control of the intersection, as opposed to measuring the speed and going to the “leased line”, is a “complex violation” in terms of collecting evidence, says Grigory Shukhman, an expert on photo and video recording systems. Recall that in 2017, in Moscow, an “Fast and the Furious” type camera operated in an experimental mode, which controlled the crossings: the fines were sent to drivers who, in the software’s opinion, did not give way to pedestrians. The work of the complex caused criticism from motorists, it was even turned off for the time of checking the traffic police, but then it was turned on again – TSODD plans to install 200 more such devices in Moscow. The main risks in the case of the “waffle iron” – a subjective criterion for assessing the violation and the length of some intersections, said Mr. Shukhman. “Sometimes it is impossible to predict the occurrence of congestion behind the intersection