Gender may disappear in the future direction of human evolution.

The sustainability of a species depends on the reproduction and evolution from generation to generation. Through continuous reproduction and evolution, the species will acquire better ability to adapt to the environment and thus acquire stronger viability. Therefore, the faster the reproduction speed of the species, the more likely it is to survive the cruel environmental changes, because the faster the reproduction speed, the faster the evolution speed. When it comes to reproduction, different organisms have different reproduction characteristics. Some organisms can adopt asexual reproduction, while others must rely on sexual reproduction. While some living organisms are hermaphrodite, while others are hermaphrodite, we human beings are obviously a kind of hermaphrodite sexual reproductive organisms, however, this feature may change in the future.

We all know that the reason why human beings have sex is because there are X and Y chromosomes in our chromosomes. When X and X meet, a little princess begins to conceive. When an X meets a Y chromosome, a little prince sets foot on the course of life. It can be said that the existence of Y chromosome is the key for human beings to have sex. However, scientists have found that in the long process of human evolution, the Y chromosome has been changing. What changes are taking place? The Y chromosome has been getting smaller all the time. Scientists have found that the change of the Y chromosome is not only above the size. In fact, since ancient times, more than 95% of the genes on the Y chromosome have been lost.

Originally, this change did not explain anything, but scientists found that the X chromosome was not weakened as opposed to the Y chromosome. It was neither smaller nor lost. It can be said that in the process of evolution, the X chromosome will always remain strong, while the Y chromosome will become weaker and weaker. Does this mean that men will disappear completely in the future? It is not strict enough to make this conclusion solely on the basis of chromosome changes, but it is also impossible to deny the possibility of this evolutionary direction. Because, the reason why life evolves is to make oneself stronger and thus better adapt to the environment. The disappearance of sex is exactly in line with this evolutionary goal. There is a joke that says, ” God was afraid that human beings would grow too strong, so he invented men and women.”

There is no denying the fact that the reproduction process of a species will become more efficient without relying on sex. Having efficient reproduction ability is the most powerful weapon for a species to cope with drastic environmental changes. Therefore, it is in line with the law of evolution to say that gender will disappear in the future. Of course, whether it disappears or not, it will be a long, long time from now. From another perspective, there is a clear difference between human beings and other creatures, that is, human beings have wisdom, and human beings have discovered science with their own wisdom, while science has changed the way of human life and even the whole world. It can be predicted that science will bring about earth-shaking changes in the world in the future. In this process, human beings are likely to jump out of natural evolution.

Because the purpose of evolution is to better adapt to the environment and cope with risks, and humans can use scientific means to deal with these problems, with the current level of human science, even if the earth’s environment changes greatly, it is still enough to use science to create a protective living space, so it is not necessary to rely on evolution to adapt to the environment. Just as air conditioning can help us cope with high temperatures and heating can help us cope with severe cold. In the future, human beings are likely to change from passive evolution to active evolution, that is, by combining themselves with machines, they will have stronger power and immortal body, which is definitely much faster than the long natural evolution. All our fantasies about the future now may eventually come true.