Fresh baking is harmful: the doctor told which bread is best for children

A healthy child can eat 150–200 grams of bread a day, and a bun is better to give children two times every three days. This was reported by a pediatric gastroenterologist of the highest category, head of the department of somatic diseases in children of the Kiev City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 9, Tatyana Ruban, during the direct line of FACTS .

The doctor noted that it is better for children to give gray or white bread, as bread made from rye flour sometimes increases acidity and causes fermentation.

“It is important that the bread was not freshly baked, as children and adults love: two or three hours should pass after it was taken from the oven. Warm bread or rolls are poorly digested and roam the intestines, causing increased gas formation, bloating , ”said Ruban.

At the same time she recalled the dangers of fresh baking.

“With a bun, a child can eat every three days. It is also desirable to eat pasta dishes more often , ”the doctor added.

Earlier, “FACTS” wrote that white bread, pastries and pasta accelerate the aging process of the body . In addition, the abuse of flour quickly accumulates excess weight.