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For the rest of your life, be with someone who talks to you.

” Having someone to chat with is more important than watching TV for dinner. For example, if the weather is fine today, I can say to him, the weather is fine.

If it’s cold, I’ll let him add another coat. It is a pity that such a simple exchange cannot be carried out. There are so many people in this world, but everyone is lonely. ”

This is a wonderful passage.

We always think of chatting too formally, as if we must have a beginning, a topic, or sit down and have a cup of tea.

However, really comfortable chatting is casual, natural and not intentional.

Feelings, indeed, are talked about and cannot be dismissed.

However, a good and long-term relationship requires not only chatting but also meeting, companionship and understanding.

However, if there is not even chat, then meeting is just blank stare, company is just empty talk, and understanding is nonsense.

In fact, the chat between two people is the process of exchanging each other’s feelings and telling each other their needs. It is also a channel to talk and be understood.

Taking the initiative to talk with you shows that he has the desire to know about you and the initiative to care about your thoughts.

Feelings, if not chat, will fade away.

Feelings, if not active, will be broken.

The Korean drama ” Please Answer 1988″ said:

” If you love someone, say it now. At this busy moment, say it before you become regret.”

There are a lot of things not to say, later will become regret, there are a lot of time not to come to chat with lover, heart cold, warm not to return.

People who love you will try every means to find reasons to talk to you, no matter how busy they are.

Perhaps your topic is very old and not nutritious, but it is the most fireworks and ritual thing in life.

Perhaps, the people who talk to you may not treat you sincerely, but those who do not always talk to you and ask about your warm and cold do not care about you.

Some people were originally willing to share and talk, but later they became more and more silent and did not say anything, not because she changed, but because she did not meet the right person and did not meet anyone who understood her.

The most terrible thing in a relationship is not knowing each other not to love, but still having hope, but each having his own way, saying more is too annoying and saying less is unwilling.

A lot of people, when facing feelings, have had such experiences:

I opened the chat interface silently, then closed it silently, typed a few lines, and deleted all of them.

People are in front of them and want to say something on their own initiative, but when they see his apathy, they don’t want to say anything.

After suffering from emotional pain, one knows that the person who always takes the initiative first means ” losing”.

Just like you like eating in a restaurant very much, because you like it, you always want to eat, even if you have to wait and form a line, you are also willing to accept it.

In my feelings, you are just like his food. He likes it. He likes it and will naturally eat more. He will also remember to order more food instead of rushing him to eat. He is not willing.

In a good relationship, both sides have to work hard and think about each other.

If not enough love, saying ” good night” at night will disturb his sleep.

” In fact, I really want to talk to you, but you don’t want to talk to me, and I don’t want to disturb you all the time.”

There is a line in the American TV series ” battle of the proud”: ” when one is alone, one is prone to despair.”

What kind of loneliness is the most desperate?

There is nothing better than that two people are together, but they have nothing to say. You talk to him, and he is too bored.

The loneliness of two people is more likely to make people despair.

In fact, there is no need to find a topic for the chat between lovers. If he thinks about you and reads about you, there are many ” reasons”.

There is a small couple, the husband is a doctor and the wife is an accountant.

He will ” report” important trips. Even if his wife knows he is at work, he will still calculate the time roughly to avoid his wife waiting for him to have dinner.

He will even remember what his wife said. Even if he just said ” roast duck” casually, he will remember to buy it for his wife, no matter how tired or busy.

There is a couple who have been married for 21 years, and rarely sit down and chat with each other in detail. Even if it is a little thing, they will ramble on with each other and their feelings have always been very good.

Especially this husband, although not as rich and expensive as he is, has been very concerned about his wife and very active for so many years.

All say ordinary couples, small things see true feelings, is not false.

What kind of person do you want to find in your life? I think it would be very comfortable to find someone who can speak at any time, who can take the initiative to each other, and who is not too bored.

In this life, it is enough to find someone to talk to, because being understood, one will not live in an isolated island in marriage.

” Chatting” means talking to you casually but feeling warm and ritualistic.

The meaning of ” companion” is: accompany to old, chat at any time, two people are more comfortable than one.

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

” We are all alone until we meet another person and let us know that life can be less lonely.”

The person who really loves you will not leave you alone. He will be the best audience for the rest of your life and you will be the only best actress for the rest of his life.

Love someone who will take the initiative to chat with you.

Because chatting with someone who loves you is an interesting process, from which you will feel four kinds of happiness:

Be cared about, be understood, be able to talk, and have hope of going on forever.

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