E – cigarette is a joke

The electronic cigarette emits not smoke but steam.

As artificial nicotine is added to the synthetic oil, once inhaled, the feeling of hitting the throat will be produced, and smokers will be satisfied with it. This is a device that smokers use to ” shuffle when couples spend” – the emergence of electronic cigarettes has not led to a decline in tobacco sales. At least in China.

However, there is no tar and indoor air will not be polluted. Electronic cigarettes were once the best substitute for cigarettes.

Han Li, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the electronic cigarette earlier and named it ” Smoke”. However, the fate of this cigarette has been very difficult. In China, it has always been on the verge of health and control until it is exposed to false propaganda and then taken off the shelf.

After disappearing, the electronic cigarette blossomed in Europe and America and turned red and purple. In 2019, after a turn, the electronic cigarette returned to the Chinese market and became a new favorite of capital.

This new circle has brought together self – media, bitcoin mining machine manufacturers, former mobile phone industry executives, technology houses and various leaders from all walks of life.

They are all making electronic cigarettes, thinking that there are two reasons for attracting capital in the field:

First, people are stupid; Second, there is a lot of money.


In January 2019, Jia nan yun zhi held an annual meeting.

Jia Nan Yun Zhi is a manufacturer of digital coin mining machines. At this time last year, when bitcoin was booming, Jia Nan Yun Zhi’s signboard was shining brightly.

However, if you look at bitcoin and block chain technology today, you will know that mine bosses are having a hard time. A few days ago, it was also said that bitcoin would be expanded. As a result, the price of bitcoin will naturally fall as soon as the volume of bitcoin increases. Besides, there are not many silly leeks in this field now, so the business of mining machines is not as good as before.

However, there are still some gifts at the annual meeting. Some participants made a blueprint in the circle of friends: ” No gifts will be given during the New Year, only whale electronic cigarettes will be issued” – referring to an electronic cigarette called ” wel Whale Light Smoke”.

The appearance of electronic cigarette products at the annual meeting of block chain enterprises is a coincidence between two seemingly unrelated things.

According to the ” deep chain finance” report, the company behind the whale smoke is called Hangzhou whale smoke network technology co., ltd. According to the information from the Sky Survey, the company was registered on January 11, 2019, and has completed ten million levels of Pre-A financing. The majority shareholder and legal person are Kong Jianping.

The co-chairman of Jia Nan Yun Zhi is also called Kong Jianping. And the report pointed out that the controller behind the whale smoke was Jia nan yun zhi’s senior management team.

However, this statement was later denied by Jia nan yun zhi’s senior management. ” Whale Smoke is invested by Jia Nan Yun Zhi’s shareholders and has nothing to do with Jia Nan Yun Zhi.”

In the past, the hardware bosses of the block chain laid out the electronic cigarette market, whether true or false, which sounds unreliable. Because the e-cigarette market is right there – according to the data, from us $ 416 million in 2010 to us $ 7.1 billion in 2016, the e-cigarette market has expanded 17 times in six years, with a compound annual growth rate of 60.5%.

However, the booming foreign market does not mean that the domestic market will follow suit. It should be noted that the consumption scale of the electronic cigarette market in 2016 is only 3.2 billion yuan, while the total sales revenue of the cigarette industry in 2016 is 137.06 billion yuan. China’s electronic cigarette market currently accounts for only 0.23% of the tobacco industry.

However, the market suddenly opened when the industry was about to cool in China.


Let’s take a look at the well-known legend of the year-end award.

In July 2018, Juul, a US start-up e-cigarette brand, was valued at US $ 15 billion. It accounts for 68% of the U.S. e-cigarette market, which has reached half of the 100 – year valuation of Imperial Tobacco, a tobacco company, and has also made Juul the sixth-most valued startup in the United States.

Juul’s management decided to award a $ 2 billion year-end award after Juul reached a $ 12.8 billion investment agreement with Altria Group, a manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes. The company’s 1,500 employees will receive an average of 1.3 million U.S. dollars in the form of special dividends, which is equivalent to a 10 – year base salary for a Silicon Valley bottom-tier code farmer.

Perhaps the year-end award of Juul, an electronic cigarette brand, touched the capital. The popularity of the electronic cigarette market on the other side has spread to this side. In China, a brand new ” old” market is beginning to attract adventurers.

For example, Zhu Xiaomu, former product director of Hammer Technology, left his job to make Flow FLOW electronic cigarette. Of these, there is naturally Lao Luo’s investment. Once the matter was announced at the hammer conference earlier this year, there was a great deal of laughter. After people got a general understanding of the electronic cigarette market, they gave Zhu Xiao Mu thumbs-up and praised him for his good eyes.

In fact, in the two months between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 when Zhu Xiaomu entered the e-cigarette field, nearly 10 new e-cigarette brands such as Wel Whale, LINX, YOOZ Pomelo, Moody MOTI, TRYMIX Anyway, GOIN Guyun, APOC and so on appeared, while there are still 9 e-cigarette projects under crowdfunding on Jingdong crowdfunding platform.

It is reported that Magic Flute MOTI, Wel Whale, and LINX received financing of 10 million rounds of PRE – A.

Lingxi LINX, the new e-cigarette brand, is actually operated by several self-media bosses. The founders of such platforms as Tongdao Deke, Junwu Subordinate, Micro Media Holding, and Shijuezhi are among the brand’s main founding teams. It is said that the idea of entering the e-cigarette market was unanimously approved by several people at a Beijing quadrangle.

In other words, the total number of fans of these major self-media platforms is about 350 million, and they have already made considerable profits in their attempts in new media e – commerce. Therefore, before the official launch, the focus of the product’s external voice was not on electronic cigarettes, but on ” new consumer goods”.

If you look closely at the interview about LINX, you can find that they seldom talk about technology in their whole article, and all they talk about is marketing. Lingxi LINX’s publicity posters can also prove this point – exquisite design, composition highlighting business affairs and multi-dimensional display of products make LINX look full of fashionable and high-end design flavor.

On January 27, rhinoceros opened the pre-sale service. According to the data released by LINX, they sold 5,000 electronic cigarettes within 45 hours of the launch. According to the price of a suit ( 1 cigarette rod + 4 cigarettes 299 yuan ), the total sales volume of this pre-sale is over 1.5 million yuan.


It seems that this market is huge. However, the heat coming back from abroad makes electronic cigarettes more like a fashion toy than the concept of quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes originally established.

In fact, electronic cigarettes have been subject to very strict control abroad because they contain many unknown additives.

Data can explain the problem. A report published on the website ” friends circle” points out that the gross profit of electronic cigarettes has dropped to 15% now that they are only OEM orders. A few years ago, it even reached 80%.

A few years ago it was from 2008 to 2010. At that time, the electronic cigarette market was still in its infancy, and there were no more than 10 companies in the electronic cigarette industry. But around 2012, due to the rise of the European and American market, OEM enterprises in China grew rapidly, reaching 100 at one time.

By the second half of 2017, some foreign countries and cities were restricted by FDA and other restrictions ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) and began to cut production plans for electronic cigarettes. But the cuts are not all from control. For example, Ireland’s Healthier Smoker Electronic Cigarette Company has terminated plans to invest millions of euros in the production of electronic cigarettes and shut down its electronic cigarette factory.

The reason for the closure was that the e-cigarette liquid produced by the e-cigarette company violated the intellectual property rights of some international famous cigarette brands of Japan Tobacco Company.

Therefore, the environment for electronic cigarettes has not been stabilized. In addition, China has been cultivating the electronic cigarette market for many years, but Chinese smokers still tend to resist this new phenomenon. According to the data, by 2017, the number of e-cigarette users in the world will reach 35 million, while the number of e-cigarette users in China is only 500,000.

However, from the industrial point of view, domestic electronic cigarettes are closer to money than ever under the hot money. One of the reasons lies in the low entry threshold and multiple forms of publicity. After all, it is still in a ” say what you want” stage. Before the real supervision comes, the gold owners playing with cigarettes can still earn some money.