Doctors called the best means of extending health for women after fifty

It is useful for women to jump, and especially – after the age of 50 years. Jumping on the spot helps to improve the female body and provides protection against dangerous diseases. This is stated in the results of a study conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester, writes MedDaily.

“Performing 30 jumps about three times a week is very effective for prolonging good health, stable weight and good mood,” the scientists said.

Before making such a conclusion, they conducted an experiment, inviting women 50 years old and more to participate in it. On the instructions of the scientists, the participants performed various physical exercises, including various jumps.

In the process, doctors measured bone density, and these data showed that jumping has a positive effect on the state of bone tissue and can help avoid the development of osteoporosis, a disease of the bones that leads to their increased fragility.

As experts noted, “jumps performed by repulsion of the feet provide the necessary load on the lower limbs muscles and help prevent thinning of the bones” .

Scientists have also discovered other advantages of jumping for women’s health. These exercises, as it turned out, serve as prevention of venous insufficiency and weight gain. The positive effect of jumping, researchers attributed to their ability to increase blood circulation and improve ventilation. All this, according to scientific experts, effectively extends their good health to women.

Experts called the best types of jumps with simultaneous waving of hands, jumps from a small height (from a box) and jumps in which a person lands on tiptoes and only after that he puts on the floor.

As previously reported, researchers at the University of California found that certain areas of the female body are aging faster than others, and also found out that it is the very first that begins to succumb to aging.