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Do you understand the digital management of the restaurant industry?

There are many brand stores, scattered data, and the complexity and difficulty of data transmission and management are not general. At the same time, the food enterprises need to finely control different formats.

So what do you do with catering people using digital systems?

Shenzhen Lucky Ocean Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as Lucky Ocean) rooted in Shenzhen for more than 10 years. This is a catering management company full of innovation and exploration. It has a daily train “Kawamachi”, a “husband day meal” with a big mouthful of meat, a younger night park “ZAZOO bar” and other casual dining. Life brand matrix.

It is a typical multi-format multi-brand catering group. In order to manage multiple brands more efficiently and intelligently, “Lucky Ocean” and the company have gradually established a complete digital catering management system.

Cloud Headquarters: Data is collected at headquarters to help make accurate decisions. For multi-format multi-brand management such as “Lucky Ocean”, it is important for headquarters to make accurate decisions.

Complete store data is an important basis for accurate decision making at headquarters. In the past, data such as revenue, membership, pricing, etc. were scattered in various branches, and the data was easy to lose. The data collected at the headquarters was often incomplete, which led to the incomplete understanding of the branches at the headquarters. It is difficult to accurately target each branch. decision making.

After the “Lucky Ocean” passed the on-line Kemai cloud headquarters, it realized the unified management data of the headquarters. The data of each store is immediately transmitted to the database of the headquarters. The system of the company also supports “broken network marketing”. Even in the case of network disconnection, the ordering and cashier can be used as usual, and the business data will be temporarily stored locally. After the network connection, the data will be automatically uploaded to the “cloud”, which puts a layer of “insurance” for data security.

The complete store data is controlled by Lucky Ocean, and the business status of each store is well known, which enables the headquarters to efficiently make accurate decisions and ensure the healthy operation of each branch.

The digital supply chain must be carefully controlled to “preserve fresh food”. The sub-brands of “Lucky Ocean” are distributed in a variety of formats and are aimed at high-end consumer groups. These groups have demanding requirements for ingredients.

The company’s customized digital supply chain precisely controls the inventory of ingredients, and intelligently analyzes the daily amount of ingredients through the data in the store to help the store achieve almost zero inventory.

More intelligently, store employees can mark “special events” in the background to control inventory at a specific time. For example, when the National Day is more frequent than usual, the amount of ingredients needed will increase, and the store staff can mark “National Day” in the background. This special item of the festival can accurately calculate the supply required for the day when the supply chain is specified in a special period.

The precise control of the digital supply chain in terms of procurement and inventory helps the “Lucky Ocean” to reduce the loss of raw material transportation, production and processing, and to care for every good ingredient.

In addition, smart cashiers are also important. Upgrade the customer experience with mobile cashier. “ZAZOO Bar” was launched on the mobile POS of the vein, and the cash register became more flexible.

After the customer has finished eating, there is no need to go to the cashier to wait for the cashier. The waiter can take the mobile POS and go to the customer’s table to settle the cashier. Mobile POS allows customers to have a simpler cashier experience, and avoids waiting in the front desk for cashiers to wait for long waits.

“ZAZOO Bar” is an important sub-brand of “Lucky Ocean”. The “Lucky Ocean”, which has been deeply cultivated in the bar industry for many years, has deeply observed the customer experience and created a comfortable experience through the online mobile POS.

What is the secret of “Lucky Ocean” to create a unique restaurant? Deliver the complex process to the digital system and free up more time for catering innovation. Kemai and “Lucky Ocean” are all along the way, with stable and fine digital technology to fully support the “Lucky Ocean” multi-brand multi-brand store management.

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