Causes of varicose veins and whether it is possible to stop the development of this disease

When the legs begin to swell and become heavy in the evening (we recall, earlier “FACTS” told about what diseases the leg edema signals ), many people do not rush to the doctor. Houses make a warm bath, put a pillow under the feet.

– Even if the swelling and severity by the morning pass by themselves, and the more expressive vascular net on a person’s legs does not bother, it is advisable to consult a doctor, – warns the vascular surgeon of the highest category of the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense Alexander Borkivets. – The earlier the diagnosis of varicose veins is made, the easier it is for the patient to help. Over time, the manifestations of the disease are increasing: the edema does not disappear even in the morning, the diameter of the veins increases, they become convex, nodular, pain in the legs. The skin darkens, it is easy to injure, scratches poorly heal. There are trophic ulcers that are difficult to treat.

– How to clarify the diagnosis and treat varicose veins?

– Veins checked for ultrasound with the Doppler effect (duplex vascular scan). Initially, you can get by taking medications that strengthen the walls of the veins that thin the blood, and if there is a spider vein, you can remove it by a gentle method – gluing capillaries (sclerotherapy). In advanced cases, more serious interventions are required, often using a laser. Nowadays, one-day surgery is widely used: a person was examined, he came in the morning, a sore vein was removed under local anesthesia, and after a couple of hours you can go home. This is convenient for the patient who values ​​his time and for the clinic.

Although the tendency to varicose veins is inherited, the disease develops under the influence of external factors. It is difficult to single out any one, because it is often a combination of factors, including unhealthy ecology, malnutrition, excessive exercise, and bad habits. The initial manifestations of varicose veins often occur during a period of intensive growth, when hormonal changes occur in the body, or in women during pregnancy. Often we see dilated veins in people above average height, whose weight exceeds the norm.

To slow down the development of varicose veins, do not linger long in front of the computer. When a person “hangs” motionless, the calf muscle, which is also called the second heart, does not work, and the blood stagnates in the veins. It is harmful to sit with your legs crossed. Women should not constantly wear shoes with heels above six centimeters. Caution should be taken hormonal contraceptive pills.