Avocados reduce cholesterol, and grapefruit burns fat: which exotic fruits are the most useful.

From time to time we are overtaken by another fashion for food. Internet trumpets: a product found that is extremely beneficial to health: rejuvenates, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, and most importantly helps to lose weight.

“Pomegranates and raspberries are similar in composition and equally useful.”

“The value of some products is greatly exaggerated, ” explains Lyudmila Fedorchenko, a gastroenterologist at the Kiev Clinical Hospital on Railway Transport No. 2 . – There are many myths that people believe in. Take, for example, pomegranate, which is considered extremely useful for health, and pomegranate juice – healing for people with anemia. But pomegranates do not grow in Ukraine, and even one fruit flies in a pretty penny. Therefore, it can be, without prejudice to health, but with benefit to the wallet, replaced with raspberries. In terms of composition, these fruits are almost identical, while in the production and export of raspberries, Ukraine is in sixth place in the world and fourth in Europe. Ukrainian raspberry is a very high-quality berry, it is eaten all over the world with pleasure, why are we lagging behind?

“But now it is winter, and there is no fresh raspberry.”

– Prudent housewives froze raspberries since the summer or stocked up with “live” jam, which, in addition to the ground berries, contains only sugar (it acts as a preservative). If there are no home stocks, you can buy frozen berries. It is useful to eat them together with cottage cheese or to decorate cottage cheese cake – cheesecake, or other baked goods, cook light compote, make mousse.

– Today it is easy to buy avocados. And what is useful in this fruit?

– This is a wonderful product that ideally needs to be eaten every day, especially for women. On the basis of avocados produce creams, shampoos, but it is much more useful to use the fruit itself. Despite the high caloric content (one medium fruit has 220-240 kilocalories), it is impossible to recover from avocado. In addition, it normalizes cholesterol levels. True, for this you need to use avocados regularly. You can eat it separately, but it is better to add it to salads, to make pasta or sandwiches. Such a sandwich is very tasty, for example: put a slice of herring and a slice of avocado on a slice of rye or grain bread, garnish with a sprig of greens – parsley or dill.

– Winter is the season of citrus. Which ones are the most useful?

– Each is useful in its own way. Orange is rich in vitamin C, and grapefruit enhances fat metabolism and is considered a fat burner. But the slices of any citrus need to be cleaned from white lintels, although they contain a large amount of healthy fruit acids. Grapefruit is sour to taste, and not everyone is well tolerated, especially people who have liver problems – they need to limit the use of this fruit. Recently, Sweeties and Pomelo appeared on the market. These are useful fruits with the so-called negative calorie content: more energy is consumed by their digestion than the fruit itself supplies.

– What is contained in feijoa?

– It is a good source of ascorbic acid, as well as iodine – an unstable trace element that breaks up in the open air. Containing products in nature a little. But the feijoa season on the market is short, therefore, in order to stock them up, the fruit must be crushed, mixed with sugar and refrigerated. In winter, use one or two teaspoons per day for tea.

– Now and in products familiar to us long ago – chicken eggs, garlic – new healing properties have been discovered.

– Eggs must be eaten without fail (if there is no allergy). You can cook an omelette or boil a soft-boiled egg, fry the egg, although it is less useful because of the large amount of fat. There is also good news for garlic lovers: the properties of a natural antibiotic are found in it. Chopped garlic gives spice to any dish. But, unfortunately, many people do not tolerate this product badly, because it causes fermentation in the intestines.

– Is it true that garlic is good for vessels?

– Yes, but not in the form of tinctures and blends. Garlic on alcohol, as well as mixed with shredded ginger root acts too aggressively. People who use these funds believe that this way they clear the vessels of cholesterol plaques. But cholesterol does not stick to the vessels, and plaques appear in the inflamed vessel wall. In addition, such garlic tinctures and mixtures have a pungent smell, they are unpleasant to use, and the beneficial phytoncides that kill germs are lost. The most reasonable way to add a little garlic when cooking.

“Chia seeds were taken by Aztec warriors before battles”
– Many people like to nibble on nuts. The Internet convinces that the most useful are Brazilian. This is true?

– In Brazil, there are several types of nuts growing, and all of them are useful in their own way. Brazil nuts are champions in selenium content (two nuts contain the daily rate of this trace element), thanks to which they strengthen hair well. How, by the way, and persimmon, which is also rich in selenium. But it is important to know that all nuts are heavy fiber foods, and, besides, very high-calorie (100 grams contain up to 600 kilocalories). However, if the body is well digested nuts, then a few pieces a day – walnuts, almond, pistachio, pine – will only benefit.

– Now many people add various seeds to cereals and other dishes. Are they really useful or is it a fad?

– The benefits are much greater than the commitment to fashionable kitchen. Flax seed is very popular. It can be added to the salad or, with a little welding, to release the mucus, – to the porridge. Also useful is sesame, which can sprinkle pastries, add to salads. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of necessary substances and essential fatty acids. Although they have a high calorie content, but if you add a small amount to a salad (for example, the well-known and simple cabbage with carrots), then it will be good for men and women.

“What about more exotic seeds — chia, goji?”

“Chia was taken by Aztec warriors before the battles.” Swelling in the stomach, these seeds provided a feeling of fullness and gave a lot of energy. Warriors could fight for a long time. Today, chia seeds are added to yoghurts, but they swell there so that they cannot be detected (besides, chia are neutral in taste). You can buy chia seeds and soak a couple of spoons in the evening in yogurt or kefir. In the morning it will be swollen pudding. If you add frozen blueberries or pour jam (raspberry, currant, blueberry), you get great food for weight loss. A person eats such a breakfast and is full before lunch. Goji berries do not swell, but also provide the body with plenty of energy. They are considered an aphrodisiac – a means of enhancing sexual desire.