After hearing it

The city booth’s office was in the same castle, where the bourgeoisie at that time was almost gathered together by the bourgeoisie and watched the horror of the Croats. The castle’s yard was full of broken coffins and broken vineyards, which the warriors had propelled from the cellars. At the time, some of those who broke into the office of the voud, all the locks and bangs, broke all their fingers, stood in the yard with swords and drank wine from their tops. When they thirst for thirst, they bring the remains of wine to the ground. Some of the goods they racked up – and when they did, they fiercely quarreled and cursed what the horror was, so a beautiful castle yard, where the youth used to gather in the summer to play and sing, it seemed to have become the hell of hell. I was in a good mood with my neighbor Gebhart about what this disobedience really meant when Captain Paradeiser and some of his warriors came out bowing out the city bout behind him and with his gunfire gave him time kicks and bumps.

“Where’s the money?” they cried out to rival; “Where are the thousand taalers that yesterday brought you from Würzburg? Give them here, an old bastard! If you do, let’s slip on your leather.”

The City Swear prayed for mercy. “I just fulfill my duty,” he said, “money is not mine but prince; I am not allowed to give it out of my hands.”

But the deaf to all prayers and reminiscences, he captained him to the ground, pressed his knees to his knees, and put the sword blade in his throat with your cattle:

“I will give you the time to think that you will once read the Father of us, but if you do not acknowledge, the body of a sore sword, as my name is Nikol Paradeiser.”

It seemed that the man had a real sense – who would otherwise have been awaited by the same beast – the rage of his mouth properly foaming his swelling so that it poured out on his shoulder and dropped onto the city fire that died in a pale twist under his knees. The eyes of the Paradeiser gleamed like a tiger, when he skipped his eyes around him, to see if anyone would try to kill his prey from his claw.

Then I suddenly expressed my wife’s wife, a little boy with her arms and cried, turning to me:

“Please help, please help him, Mr. Schoolmaster; he would have helped you if you had been struck by equal problems.”

Then I went a little closer and shouted at the city:

“Lord of the city, give money to you in the name of God; the prince is more reluctant to give up than the faithful servant. We testify to each of you conscientiously fulfilled your duty.”

The city wanderer now asked to get away, promised to bend under the overwhelming force, and let the money go. Following Paradeiser, he went to his apartment and picked up the treasury he had hurriedly hiding under a loose floor slab, seeing a prey-catching herd coming. When the leader came out again in his hand with the money pouch, the soldiers solved the warriors with joy, threw their horses on the back and were lost at that time.

The above-mentioned facts had been so shaky that every one of us was overwhelmed by power, and we couldn’t comprehend what the matter was. Some of the people who had not heard the alarm signal were gullible to the gatekeeper, who hadn’t taken care of his job better, but had let the Croats slip into the city before he had closed the gate; they are urgently demanding his separation from office. I answered:

“The gatekeeper has already been released and is toimestansa he was invited to the account making a little greater than his lord, than you are in, and I am assured that he in the reckoning grace of God is a sturdy Get the gatekeeper to the cottage -.. Then you will find him”

When they heard it, they were very sorry that they had wrongly accused the old man.

It was clear that the cavalry, Knife’s attention, had been lounging over the grave in the back of the burial and hiding the gate there. The vineyard guards had made them harmless, asking for the little boy to catch up, so that no noise would be created before they managed to get out of town; The shot had been on the set for a set aside as a sign of a rush, before the gatekeeper had warned my son to close the gate. Their catala project was just too successful.

Though robberies and acts of violence in these hellish times, God’s hell, were quite common, it was quite unheard of that the Emperor’s army on a clear day would have broken into a peaceful city with the intention of just robbing money, even though the surrounding army was still swarming in the wilderness. The mourning of the bourgeoisie in such a despicable work was most obvious; instead, the city boom shouted:

“I have to be a Judas who has deceived his prince and his birthplace, because the devil who held me so bad seemed to have received certain information in advance. I do not yet certainly do not know, because the only person who had the money information, the scribe Valentin Gast; he was kerallani the Würzburg money terms, but I will not give myself peace, before I’ve traitor in tracking, and well-deserved reward is he We’ll, as surely as the the righteous God is in heaven.

I do not know why, but after hearing the word “embezzlement” went through my cold chills. Thinking of how all the winds were drifting over our evangelical church in Limburg, so that the people of Sorrento looked like a flock that was worried about looking for a shelter or even a shelter to which they could come together to secure each other, so it seemed impossible for someone in our midst to earn blood money for the oppressed at the expense of their brothers. However, I was trembling as I thought and looked around, as if to see a traitor’s burning mark on one’s forehead – but I never saw the sign of Cain. But the untold painful battle bothered my heart. I’m anxiously looking for Valentin,

In the meantime, Hannu Mündlein’s wife had left her litter with her children; some of the neighbors came in and came back now, carrying his husband and son on two pairs. The boy, who was really dead, was lying in his robe; his body was taken to the City Hall, where the gatekeeper’s lifeless body was placed under the command of the city. That’s what I saw here as a viewer, I don’t sleep during my lifetime.

Klaus was placed on a large table in the middle of the hall, and the surgeon had revealed his chest, examining the wound that had taken him to the Tuonen dove. The persecutor was a quiet-minded, jealous young man and his obedient son. As a testimony to this, when his father in the last winter through illness was connected to his bed and could not deserve it, Klaus’s hands made the living for the whole family. Father’s old man screamed many times when he and his dead son were brought in:

“Oh, my son, my son, would God have allowed me to die for you!”

The broken mother was kneeling at her son’s body; he held his son’s hand in his hands and wept passionately. At the headboard, Margaret Friesen, a young, chaste girl, who had been the bride of the deceased for years, stood. There was no tear in his eyes and no sign on his face. He stood in Kalma’s loudness and motionlessness, and his roots would have been stripped of his earthly veil and, together with the spirit of his slave, stepped into the eternal kingdom of light. The murdered siblings cried aloud to hear the heart hissing – all except his youngest brother, the two-year-old son of a son who stood beside his mother, holding a small rope that Klaus had only done the night before; a little eyed eyelid strange when his dead brother, when surgery,

It was difficult to decide what was most thought when watching: bitterly crying mommy, gloomy, hard-working Margaret or little Kasperi, who mourned with her flags next to the murderer. The heart of a human should have been tougher than stone if that vision hadn’t brought the tear to the eye. A number of relatives and friends gathered around the mourners, who, with the participation, agreed with the deceased to thank or want to complain about his fate. Among the friends was Valentink, who held the chair and trembled all over his body. It did not surprise me, because Klaus and his good friends had been since his earliest childhood; at school they were sitting next to each other, and for the first time together with the rips.

Veit’s old man lay a little farther on the other table. I have frequently noticed the sweet brightness, the right of Heavenly Peace spreading death in their face, who have fallen asleep in the Lord, even even though they have had a taste of death in the form of a bitter and did endure a tough Haircuts. However, I have not seen it appear to anyone other than that old gatekeeper. When he was lying down, he was just sleeping, and nothing else testified to his deadly violent death, like his white-stained white hair. His eyes were closed, and his lips smiled, as if to say, “Now I lie and sleep in full peace.” Because the gatekeeper was an age-old man and had no relatives in town, so he was first brought into oblivion alongside the young man. Only his loyal dog, Fidelis, whom he had raised for years, and with whom he had been spreading his little bread for years, did not give up for a moment; it had put its black turf into its dead master’s right hand – a hand that had every day extended its food to it.

My feelings were inherently paralyzing me as I remembered the impassioned friendship with me and my relatives by the deceased and thinking of his remarkable dream and violent ending. How kindly he was talking about me and my little boy at the time of his death! After hearing me crying, Fidelis, that wise, loyal animal, lifted a little head and whispered quietly, lamentably, the root would have understood the grief and wanted to join me in complaining about the murder of his murdered master.

I referred to Valentin to come to me and said to him:

“You do the right thing when you die for a man-friend of your childhood, but don’t die alone, look, here’s an old friend who has earned your tears.” I told him how Death had met Veit and I mentioned how he had dreamed of saving the spirit of my son John by his death, and that his dreams, now through miserable and catalytic deception, had been sadly proved. The last words I spoke were spreading the pain of a painless message on my son’s face, and he was not wanted to hear it, but to push through the crowd at the door, swaying from side to side, as if he were falling.

Now it was Veit’s turn to be examined by a surgeon. This reported that the gatekeeper’s skull had been crushed. When I did not tolerate watching my old friend cut, I went home, my wife and my children, but at the same job I am changing the man in Erlach’s room, asking to get into the speech of the city. When asked about what he had, the man said:

He said he was Captain Nicholas Paradeiser and told me to say that if your mind is doing, he is ready to go back to you long before you make it clear. Then, laughing, they went on their journey, but I still heard the leader shout: ‘The bird has finally grabbed the glue stick, which is not going to be entangled, it’s going to be forced.’ The scribe came up against me on the street and I handed it to him, but he did not shake a word in return, but worked as a wringer. ” what is not going to be cunning, is going to be forced. ‘ The scribe came up against me on the street and I handed it to him, but he did not shake a word in return, but worked as a wringer. ” what is not going to be cunning, is going to be forced. ‘ The scribe came up against me on the street and I handed it to him, but he did not shake a word in return, but worked as a wringer. ”

Ebeling’s Hannu, the town’s tower and night watchman, who had come close to me when he told me, put his hand on my shoulder and said firmly:

“I don’t want to hide from you any longer that the Croatian captain’s face from the first moment seemed familiar to me – I couldn’t remember where I had seen them before. The captain was not in the war suit, but I thought he was a graduate student. ”

After hearing it, I came to the same mind as the priestess Eeli, after having learned that the Israelites had fled the Philistines, that both of his sons had fallen, and that the ark of God had been taken away, or as a patriarch Jacob when he saw Joseph’s colorful skirt and heard the sons of Joseph, and heard their sons say: “We have found this; see if it is your son’s skirt or not.” The city beast and all who were present screamed with astonishment and displeasure, and Klau’s mother stood up, stretching her arms toward heaven, as if blaming her son’s murderer before God’s court. In my ears rattled like I heard the noise of a strong stream, the room seemed to vibrate with its foundations and the roof was in its collapse, my eyes began to smear even more,

When the townspeople and other attendees saw how I was, they were sorry for me, and they tried to comfort me, but then I dared my mind and shouted:

“No, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! Then I asked them to follow me to my home, that my son would have the opportunity to prove his innocence.

Lined by the city bomber and pastor Theodorikus, I left for my apartment right away. But there I was only going to feel that the Lord had not only waved his ransom for sight, but that in his council he had decided to try me and my relatives to the blood. At the gate, I met John, whom his mother had sent to call me the fastest home because he was in great pain for Valentin. This was you seeing the eagle before leaving home with a small swallow in his hand. John, who came up against him on the stairs – according to the son’s narration, the brother was more like a ghost than a living man – he had said he had to go to the world and command his father and mother to say hello, he would never see them again.

I could only curb my hopelessness until I told my wife and children what I knew and until the guests had left. But then my strength was at the end of the thirst, and the power of my spirit melted and dwelt as the wax in the hot fire of anxiety. I twisted my hands and I could just exclaim once, “Ikabod, Ikabod! The glory is from my room.”