Activate happy learning, starting with this

Why should happy learning be activated?

Listen to what the three parties say.

1 Children’s Problems

Wang Jun: I did more than half of my homework on Sunday, and I could finish it in about half an hour after glancing at it. I couldn’t help taking out the game console and trying to break through the fourth hurdle for ten minutes! At the critical moment of entering the gate, my mother turned off the game machine and shouted, ” I knew I was playing the game. did you finish your homework?” Playing games is very conscious, why don’t you learn so consciously, next door Li Xiaolu study never let parents worry about … ” My heart was anxious and angry, very anxious to grab back my game machine. I couldn’t help it any longer and shouted, ” I knew I had to do my homework when I was forced to do it all the time!”

The problem of parents

It’s 10 o’clock in the evening and I haven’t finished my homework yet. I pushed the door and went in. He was actually playing games. I was so angry that my heart was going to explode. He turned off the game machine and shouted at me. This is going to be the beginning of the junior year. homework always has to be postponed to the end. how can children fall in love with learning?

The teacher’s question

Before grade 4, Wang jun was full of curiosity about learning. he often asked the teacher what he didn’t understand in class. he didn’t go back until he learned. In the past year, the enthusiasm for learning has obviously declined, and even the most basic knowledge in the classroom cannot be mastered. After several tests, the scores dropped from over 90 to over 60. Now is the key stage for the beginning of the junior high school. If parents don’t pay attention, I’m really worried that his grades will slip to the bottom of the class.

Heart of Peace

First of all, I would like to say that children who do not love learning are not a few nowadays. If you pat your head and think about it, why does he know it’s 10 o’clock in the evening and finish his homework in no hurry, instead he can’t help playing games? It’s like you don’t do your job well at work, but go shopping online! Please put yourself in another’s shoes: in the process of playing games, children have a great sense of accomplishment when they go through every level and finish every action. What a pleasant surprise! What a happy feeling! The more he plays, the more he likes to play. You can’t stop him. Do you agree?

On the contrary, when doing homework, he can’t do one question, and he can’t understand another question. He can’t do it even if he has a headache. At this time, my parents not only didn’t help him, but also scolded him. A person needs encouragement, support, guidance and role models in pain, but parents do not give them. Do they still like learning over time? Is he still willing to take the initiative to learn?

The truth of the matter

Law of attraction

The moon rises in the east and falls in the west is the attraction of the universe, and it is the law of human beings to live, die and die. There is something like a magnet in the human brain. It can control our thoughts, our words and deeds, even our destiny. This magnet is called attraction! Why is it that when a person has cancer and he doesn’t know it, the cancer cells may slowly disappear. Once he knows it, he will soon die? That’s because his brain magnet is at fault. Even dream of thinking ” I’m finished, what about my wife? What about the children? What about parents? ” This is all attracted by magnets.

Similarly, when a child feels that learning is painful but not happy, what will the magnets in his brain attract?