A wise man will never ask these three questions in his life.

Life has never been easy, always accompanied by one after another ups and downs and challenges.

Smart people, who know how to adjust their emotions, will not be easily affected by external things, look at the vicissitudes of the world, and their hearts are safe and sound.

At the end of the day, many people are ruined by their own troubles.

If you learn these three points, you will be much happier.

Mature people don’t ask the past.

Su Shi has a poem: Life is like a journey against the current. I am also a pedestrian.

Life is originally a difficult journey. You and I are all passing travelers. Don’t grieve for the past. Because we live in the present, we should be open – minded, not just add to our troubles.

Truly mature people will not let too many yesterday occupy their own today.

Even if the past is unbearable, it has already become a thing of the past. It is better to base oneself on the present, put down unnecessary obsession and live every minute and second.

In the past, you may have a lot of sad memories, but in the end, those are all over, no matter how much you care about them, they can’t be changed.

From now on, learn to let yourself go.

Don’t cry for the bread that fell on the ground, or torture yourself on the unworthy people and things. Let the person who leaves go, and don’t take the things that don’t belong to you.

Living clean and free is the best way to love yourself.

Hard – working people don’t ask now

Perhaps your current state is not satisfactory, you are very tired and confused every day, but don’t doubt yourself or even abandon yourself.

If you give up yourself, there is no reason for others to respect you.

Life is a piggy bank. Every effort you put into it will be packed back to you one day in the future. What others have, as long as you are willing to give, you can have the same.

It is gold that always shines, and opportunities are always left to those who are prepared.

Even if I am having a bad time now, I will not feel sorry for myself. Even if I am prosperous now, I will not be complacent and relax my demands on myself.

As long as you are willing to work hard, it is never too late. The way forward is always at your feet, not in the eyes of others.

Doing every simple thing well is not simple, doing every ordinary thing well is extraordinary.

There are many things that make you sad now. After a long time, you will look back and realize that it is nothing at all. Time is a good medicine to cure all melodramatic feelings. After much experience, you will naturally understand.

When you are satisfied, you will see light; when you are frustrated, you will see light; when you are disappointed, you will see more tolerance and less dispute. You are the most powerful backing for yourself!

Open – minded people don’t ask about the future.

Some people say that children’s laughter and old people’s laughter are pure. The former is because at the beginning of life, there is nothing in your heart, while the latter is because you can see through life and have nothing in your heart.

In fact, with a little more of this mentality, everyone can have a very happy life.

People don’t have worries originally, but they have too many desires and become worries.

Many people like to worry about things that haven’t happened in the future, which is purely self – seeking. Everything has its answer, but you don’t know how to answer until the time is up.

Be a person who is not worried, confused or afraid, and laugh at life. Don’t think too hard about life. Everyone comes along like this. All you can do is to struggle hard now, so as not to regret for yourself in the future.

No matter what the result is, it is good to have been here, loved, worked hard, and have a clear conscience.

Mood is a river. The good or bad mood depends on its depth.

If one’s heart is too small, even a trivial matter can stir up a splash and make one fidgety. If one’s heart is heavy, one can be calm and treat everything safely even though one has great difficulties.

In the past, don’t regret any more. There is no need to worry about the future. Now, double cherish.

May all our regrets in the first half of our life be the foreshadowing of surprises in the second half.