A man who lost his marriage

People’s life seems to have been doing a multiple choice question, marriage and family, love, wife and children, new lovers don’t know how to choose, sometimes our life becomes a domino, one step at a time wrong step wrong.

I may be the one who failed.

The reason why I have achieved what I am now is all due to my ex-wife Kevin. Without her, maybe I am still a poor man. Kevin’s family circumstances are relatively good, and she and I also think that I am the most honest and honest among her many suitors and the one who treats her with the most care. unlike many men who pursue her, they seek their family’s money.

Kevin is not as delicate as a young lady. He has taken on all the family affairs. After marriage, I also worked hard and wanted to make more money and live a good life. Even if my parents are ill, I have never left my job. I have only seen it several times in the past. Kevin has been taking care of my mother and Kevin’s careful care of her has made me recover so well.

With Kevin in my life, I can think of nothing but work hard.

Busy, working and stressed, I want to fulfill all the promises I made when I married Kevin. I put all my thoughts into work outside my home. Kevin and I naturally spend less and less time together.

My own work has achieved little, and my heart may have expanded, or the depressed inferiority complex when I married Kevin was slightly enlarged. I tried to prove my success through some things. At that time, I was more and more fond of being worshipped by others.

So I cheated, that girl looks beautiful, the most important thing is that I am a successful person in front of her, a successful person by myself.

I have been hiding from Kevin the feeling of being worshipped outside, but I have never thought about divorcing Kevin or how much it would hurt Kevin.

My mother and Kevin have a very good relationship. Sometimes I think Kevin is her own daughter and I am just her son – in – law.

My mother always felt aggrieved for Kevin, but every time Kevin persuaded her not to dispute with me. I am very relieved that I have given the whole family to Kevin, but I have never thought about what I have given Kevin. I did not reflect on what I had done until my mother was hospitalized again.

My mother was hospitalized because she knew about my betrayal of Kevin. The sudden fire attacked the heart and caused cerebral hemorrhage. When my mother was hospitalized for surgery, Kevin was with her, and I was always the one who was late or left early because of my busy schedule.

When watching Kevin cleaning his mother’s body, washing clothes and massaging, he suddenly felt that he was really a jerk.

The girl I am looking for outside worships me only in my position in money, and has nothing to do with my love and care. My joys and sorrows are not so important to her. Maybe it doesn’t matter how my parents treat her. Only Kevin really cares about my care.

It is said that a friend in need is a friend in need, but I can see many people clearly. At this time, I began to miss and remember Kevin bit by bit. Kevin cooks a good table every day until I come home for dinner. A lamp was always on before I went home. Kevin curled up on the sofa waiting for me.

But then I didn’t go home very much. Most of the food on that table was thrown away. The lamp is still on, but no one on the sofa is waiting for me to go home.

In fact, shouldn’t life be plain? Even if it is really vigorous, it will eventually return to the plain. I confessed everything to Kevin. I want to exchange my honesty for Kevin’s forgiveness.

I guessed right. Kevin was not surprised but angry. He said calmly that she knew from her mother’s illness that she didn’t want to pester too much. When her mother was well and discharged from hospital, she would go through the divorce formalities.

I regret it very much. I tried my best to retain her and am willing to correct everything and live with her. However, Kevin’s heart has already rejected me. She thinks I should be honest and honest. I should still be the original me, but I have changed and am no longer the one she likes.

She had no way to convince herself that nothing had happened, much less to believe me, who said she would be good to her all her life.

Life is not like acting. It can be repeated many times. Life is more like counting time. It really can’t be found again after it has passed.

I thought I could get the life I wanted, and finally found that life had abandoned me. I have made many choices in my life, both right and wrong. The biggest mistake should be that the most important person in my life has been lost.

The rest of my life will be very long. Maybe I can only spend the rest of my life in remorse and regret. But I still want to say it again with my ex-wife Kevin, and wait for me. I will use my changes to win your trust and change your mind.

There are many difficulties in this life, why do many people still don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages, don’t know how to cherish, and always want to hurt the closest person around them?

Why do you have to lose it before you realize how good it would be to cherish it?

Most of the time, everyone who enters marriage should reflect on his life pursuit, his marriage and what he has done in the marriage, and then treat the person who shares the bed with him, the joys and sorrows.

Marriage is a journey that has no way back. I hope that when I choose to travel together with each other, I will remember my first heart and never let it down.