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A lot of tiredness in life is not physical tiredness but mental tiredness.

Tired, you can have a good rest and relax. My heart is tired, but I don’t know how to give my heart a holiday.

Along the way, the most difficult thing was my heart, which gave it too much pressure and too much sadness, but did not consider how it would bear it. Even crying became a luxury.

I want to find someone to talk about my grievances over the past few years, but when it comes to my lips, I think it is not worth mentioning. Too many troubles have accumulated in my heart and have nowhere to vent. Over time, they have become an old wound in my heart. I dare not touch or touch them.

I had to pretend that I was okay, and I was very happy and sunny in front of people. The waves were surging in the dark and I could only hide them.

My own tiredness, my own comfort, my own suffering, my own taste.

Just like this, one day at a time, living a repetitive life. Sometimes, I feel as if I have become a walking corpse. I am busy every day and on the road. I have worked very hard, but I still can’t reach my goal and still feel confused about the future.

Before I could catch my breath, I was pushed forward by life, but everyone was like this. I had no choice but to grind my teeth and move forward. All the tiredness and pain could only be laughed off.

Often feel powerless and helpless, want to find a spiritual port, temporary docking, repair their scarred heart; Also want a hug without asking why, let me know, I am not alone. However, such wishes are often not realized.

Stay sick, endure when tired, and hide when crying.

Can’t complain, dare not stop, can only learn not to bother yourself, learn to make yourself as happy as possible.

Once I saw a sentence, I felt very much: in my life, I have to go through too much. I have to stand up to cheating, tolerate perfunctory, lie and forget my promise.

The more times you fall down, the better you will understand. You can only talk about three points when you meet people. You cannot throw all of all of my heart away.

You can’t be like a child. A little sadness makes a big splash. You want to find someone to pour out any grievance. In the end, you will find that your heart has become a funny thing in other people’s eyes and your heart has become a joke in other people’s ears. There are many people who listen to you, but few who understand what you mean!

We always have to walk a very dark road alone, and no one can accompany us. Don’t think that anyone who comes to help you when you encounter difficulties will never grow up if you expect others to do everything.

Life is a book, the story can only be written by oneself.

Don’t expect, who can understand what you think? Don’t be disappointed, no one can understand how many injuries you have suffered. Just do what is right in front of you and take a good walk. God has his own plan for the rest.

It is lucky to have someone who knows you, but it is normal for no one to know you. You treat people well and are regarded as you should. No one understands you. You pay in silence, being treated as a bully and getting worse.

Life is easy, life is easy, but life is not easy! Others think you are very strong, but only your own heart can’t tell lies, but often you smile and pretend that you are doing well.

There is only one time in life, don’t embarrass yourself too much.

Most of the time, we all know the truth, but the emotion that comes on our faces is hard to control. If you really can’t hold on, don’t try to be brave, give yourself a period of time to sort out your thoughts, adjust yourself, and then you can start again better.

When you want to cry, allow yourself to cry for a while. Don’t hold it all the time, it will spoil you. If you steal from time to time, you don’t need to tighten your strings, or you will break them sooner or later.

After being suppressed for a long time, I will be willful and shout loudly, which will make me feel much happier. If you don’t say it, no one knows how much pressure you are under or how difficult your situation is.

A section of road, walk for a long time, still can’t see hope, then try to change the road, change the direction; One thing, thought for a long time, still depressed in the heart, then choose to put down, at the same time also let yourself go.

Maybe you took a lot of wrong roads, misread many people, suffered many betrayals and endured endless difficulties. But it doesn’t matter. Take it easy. As long as you are alive, there is still hope. The rest of my life is very long, why should I panic?

In the days to come, eat well, sleep well, work hard to earn money, and be willing to spend money, not for wealth, but for peace of mind.

We came to this world, no one is going to live back, since alive, live well!

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