A great apology

In life, not all guilt will be accompanied by a timely and heartfelt apology, because apology requires recognition and courage, especially in public.

Those great apologies that came too late, those words and words that touched the depths of the soul, can bring tears to one’s eyes –

In the summer of 1888, poor and frustrated painter Vincent Van Gogh walked out of his Dutch home and, with the support of his younger brother Theo, came to arles, a small town in Provence, France, where he began painting day and night.

What is expected is that Van Gogh’s whole person was on the verge of collapse due to long-term psychological depression and unsatisfactory feelings and life. One night, in the middle of a painting, van Gogh was probably not inspired enough. He suddenly picked up a knife and cut off one of his ears. Then he continued to paint with pain.

Finally, it was with the help of his younger brother that Van Gogh was sent to the hospital for treatment. After this incident, Van Gogh did not matter much. After coming out of the hospital, he continued to devote himself to the crazy painting process. However, the residents of the small town of arles did not like it. They thought Van Gogh was a madman or an unstable person. They began to laugh at, taunt, attack and drive him away, fearing that he would do anything harmful to the residents at any time. They hoped that he would leave arles as soon as possible and return the normal and quiet living environment of the residents.

In Van Gogh’s view, arles’s natural yellow night sky and the beautiful scenery of the fields made him deeply in love and unable to stop. These are all good inspiration and materials for his paintings. How could he be willing to leave?

As a result, Van Gogh had to resist the harassment of the residents with silence every day, burying his head in painstaking and rapid painting, and even eating or drinking for painting. In this way, he painted more than 30 oil paintings, including the famous ” Sunflower” in the days when he was constantly being driven out.

Seeing that Van Gogh showed no sign of leaving, the residents of arles joined forces to petition the mayor to send the madman to a psychiatric hospital. Under great pressure, the arles Police Department had to seal Van Gogh’s yellow room and forcibly took him away from arles town to a psychiatric hospital called Saint Remy on Provence Hill, where he was put in soft custody.

Although Van Gogh lived in a small town in arles for only over a year, he cried loudly when he was driven away.

Perhaps, this kind of not give up only his own heart most understand!

Later, Van Gogh died. What no one expected was that Van Gogh became famous after his death because of his paintings.

The small town of arles is also famous for Van Gogh’s living here and has become a famous town, attracting tourists and painting lovers from all over the world.

The tourism income of small towns in arles is on the rise every year. At this time, the residents of arles began to feel guilty. They did something wrong to Van Gogh in the past and realized his value.

How can I make up for my apologies to Van Gogh? Through a joint initiative, arles residents sent people to Holland to find Van Gogh’s grandnephew, J. Van Gogh, and expressed to him the sincere apologies of the people of the small town of arles!

Even if the language of apology is late, the words of apology can touch one’s soul!

More than a hundred years later, the younger generation in the small town of arles began to re-examine what their forefathers had done. They thought it was not enough to apologize to Van Gogh’s relatives, but to people who love art all over the world.

The successors of arles Town have adopted a long-term and permanent measure of public apology to the world. Today, when people of any nationality in the world come to visit arles Town, they will see in the local travel manual a letter of apology made by the arles government department for the expulsion of Van Gogh at that time. The last sentence reads: ” We hope to make up for the ignorance and mistakes of the forefathers of that year through your warm hospitality.”

” Why do you want to expose your dirty linen? Still so solemn? ” Some tourists asked the public officials of the small town of arles. The current mayor of arles said: ” If we had not been secular and biased and had not arbitrarily expelled mr van gogh in those days, he would undoubtedly have created more and better works in this small town. These are all common artistic treasures of human society. We sincerely apologize to the world for our ignorance and prejudice, in order to respect a soul that is persistent and noble in pursuing art! I hope this incident can serve as a warning to future generations. ”

Today, a Van Gogh Art Foundation has also been set up in the small town of arles to help ” post – Van Gogh” art pursuers who have artistic talent, dream pursuit and difficult life.