A feeling of inner strength

What is it like to be strong inside

” People with strong hearts and rich thoughts, he doesn’t care how many people misunderstand him, nor how many secular prejudices, because his heart is a perfect world, a person’s heart is rich enough to make up for some material shortages. A man with a strong heart is a man with real thoughts, and a man with real thoughts must also be a man with a strong heart. ”

A man with a strong heart must have a firm belief of his own.

A man with a strong heart is a man with real thoughts. His inner strength shows that he has a complete set of views on the world, society and life. In Buddhism there is the saying of ” no leakage”, which is already mature in the chest. People with strong hearts do not need to bully others, and they may even be weak in appearance. However, they are strong in heart.

A person with a strong heart must have a firm belief. This belief is not spoken, but comes from the heart. Not only in knowledge, but also with deep emotion, rich life experience and broad vision. This inner strength often means that he is extremely confident, and this confidence often comes from his deep awareness of his shallowness and deep reverence for nature and human life, because reverence makes him have no fear.

People with strong hearts will not feel anxious when they hear different voices.

Therefore, he has a special sense of openness and an open mind. He can listen carefully to any different voice, think about it again with his own mind, and remain alert to what he is confident of. Therefore, he will not refuse to listen and think about different voices. However, because of his inner strength, he will not immediately change his mind as soon as he hears different voices. He will also learn to use logic, common sense, common sense, intuition, experience and scientific methods to re-examine it in front of different voices.

As a matter of fact, such tests will not be the first, but will be repeated many times and will become a norm. Repeatedly, it becomes the norm, and it is still held fast, and then things are stable. In my heart, when there are more solid things, he becomes stronger. Therefore, people with strong hearts do not need to change any more, but they no longer need to change what is in the core of their beliefs.

If the core of a person’s belief is often changed, then his spiritual world is still invisible and his spiritual world is still confused and chaotic. Such a person, even if he writes books, will say so today and say so tomorrow. His stand is not firm, his logic is not consistent, and he has no definite view on what he wants and what kind of life he wants.

What is the core of belief? Is your world view, outlook on life and values. How do you look at this world, how do you know life, how do you look at happiness and meaning, these things are completely integrated and self-consistent in a person with a strong heart. There is nothing right or wrong here, but it must be self – consistent. Here, your thoughts and beliefs and your life experience, life experience, your knowledge structure, your rational knowledge and your role in society will not logically conflict and split in life experience and rational knowledge. I will not say what I don’t mean, what I don’t do and what I say contradict each other.

People with strong hearts are peaceful, confident and happy.

If a person reaches this point, he is a person with perfect personality and strong heart. People with strong hearts, that is, people with real thoughts; In other words, people who are really thoughtful are also people with strong hearts. Such a person, even in the so-called adversities in the secular world, is peaceful, confident and full of happiness.

Because his world is no longer just a secular world, he also has his own perfect inner world. In this world, he has his own happiness standard and happiness standard. In this kingdom, he enjoys happiness and happiness that others cannot enjoy or understand. Nearly two hundred years ago, Danish thinker Gorkheikul was destitute and his life was very short. However, his heart was strong and his life was full of happiness. The happiness of such people is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

People with strong hearts always prepare for the worst, but pursue the best.

People with strong hearts are actually spiritual aristocrats. He realized the finiteness of human being’s physical life as a kind of spirit and thought, and also realized the finiteness of thought life. He knows how to straighten out the relationship between his physical life and his ideological world, and can also realize the material standards of the secular world and the alternative coordinates of his spiritual world.

Therefore, people with strong hearts often do not suffer from insomnia, anxiety or impatience. They make the worst plans in life at any time and place, but pursue the best. All disasters and pains have been considered in his life and even experienced abundantly and truly. He was born to die, therefore, all changes no longer made him feel that the world was suddenly reversed and life would be changed beyond recognition. A firm belief can support him to enter the earth safely and die.

His life no longer waits anxiously, but acts firmly. His standard of action is internal, not external. Don’t be pleased with things, don’t be sad, be yourself, take things lightly. He believes that any experience in life, including those brought by misfortune and pain, will become a unique experience in his life. These experiences will be turned into his wisdom and become more powerful materials in his heart.

People with strong hearts love others as themselves and respect others’ choices.

He believes that the human body is one of the most fragile things in this universe, but his spiritual world can be indestructible. He also believes that in this world, his life experience is unique and no one can replace it. This is the source of his confidence. The awakening of life made him love his wife as he had already done. He took good care of himself first and then inspired the society with his brilliant life.

Lovers are as good as they have been. If a person manages himself badly, his heart is chaotic and his heart is fragile, he undoubtedly lacks the power of love. Even if a bad person loves himself, he will only make others as bad as himself. Therefore, he knows how to cherish every moment of his life. Therefore, a person with a strong heart has his own life theme and meaning.

In the sense of life, he firmly believes that I am the only one in heaven and earth. And I believe that everyone has this right in life. He has self – esteem, and knows how to respect others. He pursues happiness and knows how to respect others’ happiness. He makes choices and knows how to respect others’ choices.

People with strong hearts dare to be condemned by all in front of the truth.

People who have thoughts are not necessarily those who have original thoughts. As long as those thoughts received have a strong resonance with his life and life, those thoughts will also make his heart strong, and thoughts are inseparable from human life. Having thoughts means that he starts to think with his life as a human being, to feel with his life, to experience life, to feel the world, not to judge his own value and meaning by people’s reputation, not to live in the eyes of others.

Even if he is the enemy of the whole country, even if people all over the world misunderstand him and isolate him, he can still live calmly and firmly. At this time, ” the loneliest man is the most powerful man in the world.” Ibsen’s words show that a man with a strong heart is a man who dares to become an enemy of the nation, a condemned man, and a truly thoughtful man in front of truth and truth. The inner world of such a man is extremely strong.

People with strong hearts do not care about other people’s misunderstanding and secular prejudice.

Such people will be a very small group in any era and in any country. However, one thing is certain: in a pluralistic, open, equal and free society, such people will have more soil for survival. Moreover, such a person will no longer be the enemy of the nation, nor will he easily become a lone peak. He does not need to use ” Tao can’t do it, riding on the sea” as his way out. Although he may be lonely, loneliness is a kind of happiness and enjoyment here.

A person with a strong heart and a rich mind does not care how many people misunderstand him or how many secular prejudices he has, because his heart is a perfect world, and a person’s rich heart is enough to make up for some material shortages. A man with a strong heart is a man with real thoughts, and a man with real thoughts must also be a man with a strong heart.

Gather positive energy and be yourself

A person with a strong heart must first face up to all his problems, do not shy away from them, reform actively, and be himself.

Having one’s own thoughts, discerning ability, and being able to clearly analyze and discern deep problems of things.

Can face the reality, more can face the difficult situation to overcome the fear of the bottom of my heart, do not expect, not afraid of losing, learn to ” do everything possible to listen to destiny”.

When doing things, they should go all out, be responsible, have a sense of responsibility, know the destiny of heaven and be prudent, know the facts and be moderate, do something and not do anything.

Work hard, don’t ask for results, work hard to gain strength, look down on honor and disgrace, and realize the magic of the times.

In the face of power and the negative energy around you, you can still self-examine yourself and keep yourself clean and honest and pure.

In the midst of adversities and troughs, one can still be calm, confident and happy, not happy with things, not sad with oneself, not surprised by luck or disgrace, and take things lightly.

Keep up with loneliness, keep away from home, and have a perfect world full of happiness in your rich inner heart.

” A gentleman is easy to take life, but a small man takes risks to get away with it.” A gentleman who has achieved great things is at ease in an easy position, waiting for the destiny to come, but a little person is taking risks to seek illegitimate interests.

This is what Hou Dezai said. Only deep virtue can carry the blessings given to you by heaven.

Therefore, if one does not first cultivate one’s virtue and a great love heart, one will get nothing if one insists on it because one’s virtue is not enough.

A person with a strong heart is altruistic without me.

In the benefit of blindly hoping for more, more, in fact, this greedy heart has made himself more depraved.

Helping people or doing some charity will immediately make you think about how much you can get in return, how many benefits, how many merits, how much wealth … Little imagine, this exchange mentality has already destroyed the good news when you start thinking about it.

Therefore, when repairing the blessing newspaper, one must first repair one’s heart and clean it. Be sure to see your heart clearly, whether you are always expecting others to be good.

It’s not nice to see others gain, it’s comforting to see others lose, or it’s extremely happy to see people you don’t like suffer, it’s not humane, it’s all damaging your own good fortune.

Seeing the people who have hurt themselves killed, they will help him through the difficulties regardless of past grudges, no desire, no demand for return, selfless giving, and with a kind heart to achieve them.

The world will be truly harmonious only when we cultivate kindness, achieve the good deeds of others, inspire all living beings with a strong heart and a brilliant life to have good connections, good knowledge and good thoughts.

A great deal of happiness is a great deal. Your heart is big. Any pain and suffering in your heart is not a thing. Instead, you regard these as gifts from heaven to accomplish yourself.

Through these, you can make your heart stronger, your mind and temperament more resilient, and increase what you did not have before.

In case of greater hardships, one can put aside one’s perseverance, prepare for the worst, live to death, and face hardships calmly and calmly.

Remember this sentence when you walk among thorns just when you are exhausted.

The real inner strength is not the courage to struggle, but the courage of a saint who is suitable for times of great difficulties and does not fear them.