At the age of 28, Mr. Gao suffered from eye discomfort and went to the hospital for treatment. He was suspected of glaucoma and needed long-term monitoring. Over the years, Mr. Gao’s eyes have nothing to do, but he has exacerbated the obsessive-compulsive disorder that he had. He lives in fear of blindness all the time, and everything is connected to his eyes. Many times, he had to stop what he was doing to fight obsessive-compulsive disorder. Day after day, his mind was shredded, and it was difficult for him to concentrate on doing one thing. But he still resists taking medicine, and he is afraid of taking medicine to induce glaucoma.

If it is my child, if it is the same situation, I will try it first.

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How can I fail to protect myself on the Internet?

My 6 mobile phone numbers correspond to family, friends, work relationships, agencies, couriers and gym instructors, so I can immediately judge who is the inner ghost as long as I hear different names. At least I can know a little bit of information about the other party. In terms of privacy, I finally felt a bit of control.

Until then, the other party said my real name, I tried to confuse them, I have to correct it, the information you bought is wrong, I don’t call this name. As a result, the other party listened to it and listened to my personal information material on the other end of the phone and demonstrated to me: “Why aren’t you? You live in the X unit X of the XX community and bought the XX room type of the XX community. I graduated from XX University, worked at XX company, finished the loan, and handed over the house this spring. I have been searching for the APP on the Internet last week. You are not considering looking for us? Give you a discount.”

In the past ten years, I have been experimenting with a life experiment – ​​or should be said to be a must-have skill for the 21st century – how to hide privacy online?

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Be friends with time

Many effective managers often keep such a time record and review it regularly every month. At the very least, effective managers tend to record for three or four weeks in a row, record every day, and record two or three periods in a year. With time-consuming sample records, they can review it themselves. After half a year, they will find that their time is very messy, wasted on all sorts of unnecessary little things, and after practice, they will make progress in the use of time. But management time must be consistent to avoid returning to a wasteful state. (Peter Drew’s “Effective Manager” Chapter 2 takes control of his time)

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90-minute work method

Many people are very interested in the topic of time management. The reason is that we are not satisfied with our time use status. Especially for the effectiveness of eight hours a day, it is often necessary to supplement the eight-hour deficiencies by overtime work, and overtime work is even a culture in some companies. For example, Huawei’s overtime culture has many discussions on the Internet. .

Overtime culture refers to the phenomenon that employees still work when they should rest. Overtime culture is linked to the economic climate with redundant staff, shrinking companies, and delayed projects. In order to keep the job, employees feel that it is necessary to be busy when they have nothing to do. This means working late, when I am sick, I go to work as usual and give up my vacation (this word was invented by Professor Gary Cooper, a psychologist who specializes in organizational management).

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