Why do we have more, but less happiness?

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Why do we have more, but less happiness?

Because, we have passed our life into a “limited game of life.”

What is a “limited game”?

According to the definition of philosopher and religious researcher James Cass, limited games are games that are designed to win and continue to play within the boundaries. For example, society is a limited game, and the purpose of social development is to obtain titles and gain power. War is also a limited game. The purpose of war is to plunder more resources and gain more power.

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Heidegger’s thought coordinates

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Einstein once said that there are only thirty-two people who really understand the theory of relativity, although the writings on relativity are full of enthusiasm. Heidegger’s thought is more difficult to understand than relativity, and lacks a frame of reference. Because the foundation of his thoughts is Aristotle’s thoughts and thoughts, the thought itself, the pure thought, the text itself that the thinking depends on. Conversion. For this kind of conversion, not only the mind does not understand, but also the reflection is not enough. It is necessary to accumulate enough free power to enter the freely reading in Heidegger’s text. Heidegger’s thinking is not only beyond the level of ideology, but also transcends the level of science, and transcends science to become the metaphysical (physical-post-physical) level of science. It directly refers to the original situation of Greek philosophical semantics (the same poetry). Return to the straightforward power of the Greeks to witness. This kind of text can’t be read and evaluated without relying on a particular frame of reference, even if the evaluation is already very high. Such as the famous philosopher E. Levinas believes that Heidegger’s “Existence and Time” is “one of the most beautiful works in the history of philosophy.” He believes that only Plato’s “Federal” can be compared with “existence and time”. Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason”, Hegel’s “Phenomenon of Spirituality” and Bergson’s “Time and Freedom”. This is a very high rating, but it is a wrong evaluation. This is not only because “existence and time” is a fragmented text, but also because the level of thought of these thought texts is completely incomparable.

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Letter to Coronation

The best decision in mathematics tells you: 37%

At the beginning, I wanted to imitate the beginning of Lolita. Slowly, I read your name in a syllable, and set the tone of the article on the tip of the tongue and the captain, but I felt that some intimacy was blurred. Later I wanted to use seriousness. The serious sentences highlight the meaning that you have irreplaceable in my opinion, but they are too strange and polite. If you are born in my time, or if I am fortunate to live in your time, I will do my best to see you once, looking at your black coat, the smoke in your mouth, and the dark circles. For me, this is what all writers and philosophers should have. They are not on the stage at the dinner party, but they are drinking on the side of the road under the dim light, but they give the children a smile.

Of course, this is my image of your dreams, based on a few young photos on the encyclopedia and a warm tone when you write. Because of the car accident, you have escaped the “beautiful beauty, the end of the hero”, no matter how many years have passed, you still have such flexible skin and black and white eyes, never getting old. Recently, an extreme sportsman died when the parachute broke out in the Grand Canyon. However, he can enjoy the freedom of flight at the last moment of his life. This kind of death is quite beautiful; yours is the same. (I don’t know if this is a big disrespect to the deceased)

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How does philosophy teach people to be noble?

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In recent years, there have been more and more people who really like philosophy around me. They have leaders who have successful careers, some entrepreneurs who are prosperous in business, some are young people who are full of vigor, and of course some “peoples”, plus One of the real feelings of Fudan University students who are “educated” and fall in love with philosophy is that the real need for philosophy has emerged in our lives today. This kind of feeling is undoubtedly very comfortable for me as a person who walks “black” on the path of philosophy. This kind of arbitrariness is not to say that in the lonely life, there will be a few “passers” (because for those who really like philosophy, they will never feel “lonely”, but “lonely” gives us a kind of “lonely”. The “cleanness” of the thought and the “pureness” of the style, without these, how to resist the uncomfortable “noisy” and “temptation” in life?), but like aesthetic pleasure, when the aesthetic taste of a work is peered Appreciation Tasting produces the spiritual pleasure of the taste.

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