Wall Street bankers say that the owner of global debt may not be human?

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Is the global economy a closed system or an open system? Is the world’s financial elites trading with foreign entities and selling humans, so that human beings are enslaved by behind-the-scenes? People around the world are bound by the owners of legal tenders. These money owners put saddles on us. This saddle is an absolute, insurmountable debt obligation that cannot be paid off in mathematics. Currently, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that the total global debt is close to the US$90 trillion.

“In 2013, according to the CIA’s World Factbook, the gross world product (GWP) totaled approximately US$87.25 trillion, based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The resulting data, calculated from the nominal value of the nominal value, is about 74.31 trillion US dollars.”

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The world famous Oolong incident

In 1998, scientists at the Australian Parkes Radio Telescope suddenly received an unusually strong wireless pulse signal. The first high-frequency segment of this mysterious signal is then instantaneously reduced in a few milliseconds and then instantly reduced. This was a historic discovery for the scientists stationed there. For this mysterious signal, I applied for a huge amount of money. In the following ten years, it has been observed more than forty times, but on average several times a year, there are no rules and symptoms at all. Then, they sent another paper to explain this signal, including: black hole evaporation theory, neutron star merger theory, alien signal theory.

Someone has hardly summed up a rule: this signal always appears during the day of the week. Ok, finally a little progress, Anyway. Finally, the researchers found the signal: When the microwave oven in the lab was still running, just as the antenna was just toward the microwave oven, the mysterious signal was born. Telling the truth, are you really swindling funds? ?

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The quality is 6.5 times that of the Earth. This super earth has caused a sensation and the best planet for future immigration!

How to make decisions at critical moments in life?

In the universe, scientific experts have discovered many planets similar to Earth, but they all have some disadvantages that are not suitable for us to survive. There is a special galaxy with seven planets. Scientists once thought that at least two planets met the conditions for becoming the second earth.

However, after a period of research and exploration, it was discovered that these planets are subject to very strong space radiation and still cannot survive. Last year, American astronomers discovered a dwarf star in the Tianhe River, named Lacey 140, which is 39 light years away from the sun.

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Secret: “Titanic” is not an iceberg, but another reason


The “Titanic” was hit by an iceberg, which has always been a common saying. However, is this really the case? In 1985, the wreckage of the Titanic, which had been sleeping in the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean for nearly a century, was discovered by the exploration team. The discovery of these wreckages made the cause of the once uncontroversial ship sinking confusing.

When the crew of the exploration team inspected the wreckage of the vessel, it was found that the front lower part of the starboard had a large round hole with a diameter of about 90 cm. Surprisingly, the edge of the large round hole was very neat, unlike the accidental impact of an iceberg. Instead, it is more like a standard tool cutting of a cylinder.

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Scientific research shows that every mortal can shine, but it is invisible to the naked eye.

lest you but wait for an empty bough

When we appreciate the portraits of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign gods or saints, we will see their whole body shrouded in a layer of glory, such as the beautiful aura behind Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu and others. Scientists have shown that each person has a halo, but the naked eye can not see, this phenomenon of human body light is called “glow phenomenon.”

In 1911, a British doctor, Wald Kirner, accidentally discovered a light-emitting edge about 15 mm wide around the human body when painting a glass screen with a double cyanine dye.

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