The boundary of dreams

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A few days ago, I was quite busy. I didn’t get enough sleep every day, so I always catch up on the plane. Whether it’s a flight of more than an hour or a flight of two or three hours, when I get on the plane, I stick to my chair. Strangely, I dream every time. Different from the dream on the ground, the dream on the plane is even more bizarre. After waking up from the dream, one often feels melancholy, unable to figure out whether it is in the sky or on the ground. He is in a trance and in a fog. Sometimes when I open my eyes and find that the plane is still flying, I feel that the flight itself seems to be in my dream. I can’t figure out where I am. There is no boundary outside my dream. It feels very strange.

Speaking, what impressed me most was such a dream: one day, in a sunny place, I met elon musk. He said he would send 1 million people to Mars. I was a little unconvinced and felt that his idea was a little bit off, so I asked a question: ” how much is a million people? Suppose a person weighs 100 kg, then one million people weigh 50,000 tons. The current rocket has a maximum load of 60 tons. It takes 6 to 8 months for the rocket to fly from Earth to Mars. The current technology is not able to return successfully every time. Apart from the huge cost, it is a huge problem to only say how to transport the 50,000 tons of living creatures and the food and excrement that people eat, drink and scatter to Mars in 6 to 8 months. Therefore, according to the current load and speed of these rockets, it is unreliable to send 1 million people to Mars. 」

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