A lot of tiredness in life is not physical tiredness but mental tiredness.

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Tired, you can have a good rest and relax. My heart is tired, but I don’t know how to give my heart a holiday.

Along the way, the most difficult thing was my heart, which gave it too much pressure and too much sadness, but did not consider how it would bear it. Even crying became a luxury.

I want to find someone to talk about my grievances over the past few years, but when it comes to my lips, I think it is not worth mentioning. Too many troubles have accumulated in my heart and have nowhere to vent. Over time, they have become an old wound in my heart. I dare not touch or touch them.

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Life needs a proper sense of ceremony.

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Some people complain that the New Year is getting less and less interesting, the New Year is not as lively as in memory, the seven-day long holiday is not exciting, and the ties between relatives and friends seem to have become less and less. Even if they get together, they mostly drink and play mahjong. It seems easier and easier to go home, but the mood is getting more and more insipid …

Some people attribute the weakening of the taste of the New Year to the improvement of living standards. They say that when people were poor in the past, the New Year meant they could eat many foods that they could not normally eat, put on new clothes that they could not normally wear, and set off fireworks that they could not normally set off. Therefore, the New Year is unforgettable. However, people’s living standards have improved now. Whether it’s food or clothes, New Year’s Day is no different from ordinary days, so New Year’s Day is less and less exciting.

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What is the emotional view of those who feel cold and violent?

When it comes to cold violence, it is actually not too strange for people in marriage. Because in marriage, all kinds of irremediable contradictions will appear due to the inharmonious emotions, incompatible thoughts, unsynchronized behaviors and unsmooth communication.

However, conflicts and conflicts cannot find a way to solve the problem. Naturally, they are not pleasing to the eye of the other party, and they are more reluctant to let the other party have the final say. They have become soft bones bent on settling their differences. Therefore, they will treat each other coldly in words and actions, ignore each other’s existence, refuse to contact with each other’s various body parts, and even fail to fulfill their obligations as wives and husbands. Make the other side passively live in this lifeless and lifeless atmosphere. Moreover, once this kind of behavior has become a means to coerce and compromise the other party, it is bound to intensify. From the first few hours to the next ten days and a half months, even some couples have no communication and contact for several months, but the real life of couples. This is what people refer to as cold violence. Use methods such as silence, disregard and refusal to contact to isolate yourself from the other party, forming a relatively closed space atmosphere and automatically shielding everything from the other party.

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People who live in selfies

Narcissism in the digital age is a young carnival and a young failure.

In ancient Greece, a teenager named ” narcissus” who looked at the river himself became the first narcissist. Thousands of years later today, we enter our height, weight, circumference, heartbeat, sleep tiMe, calorie intake, exercise time, number of walking steps in various smart watches, smart phones and popular apps … and get all about our health assessment, fitness diet advice, statistical graphs and ” me, me, me and I”.

We post self-portraits that are extremely different from ourselves after peeling, beautifying, slimming and enlarging our eyes on social media. We enter these self-portraits into a link to measure the ” color value” to get our own beauty score. After scoring, we share the link with friends and add a ” modest” self – comment. We selfishly count how many compliments, forwards and comments we have received on social media, and constantly update head and background pictures to show our active social life.

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How to control your desire quickly?

Desire is human nature, and its essence is a neutral word, but in life it is given a derogatory sense by us. It is defined as an individual’s extreme desire for something or object. The main body of desire can be human psychology and thoughts, and also include some part of human body structure and structure.

Different people have different desires and needs. Some people have a stronger desire for food, some have a stronger desire for eroticism, some have a stronger desire for psychotropic drugs, and some have a more chasing and craving for spiritual satisfaction and stimulation. Therefore, different desires have different emotional colors and commendatory and derogatory meanings due to the individual characteristics of people.

Most of the time, we measure a person’s success and his ability to control desire. However, for most ordinary people, it is difficult to control desire quickly because of internal factors, external factors and his ability to fight against himself.

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