Honest people are best suited to do three types of work.

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When we say that a person is honest, we often mean that he or she is steadfast in doing things, diligent, and does not have any opportunistic thoughts.

Moreover, when it comes to honest people, we will think that this person has the characteristics of simplicity, friendliness and good manners. So, from a psychological point of view, what is the most suitable job for honest people?

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Why is it that among brothers and sisters, the eldest is often the most selfish?

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The traditional view is that the eldest in a family is generally more responsible. Because the eldest brother is the oldest of the brothers and sisters, he often takes the initiative to help his parents share some family responsibilities, and also takes care of his younger brother and sister, so he is more sensible. However, in today’s view, this rule may not be correct. Some even suggest that the eldest brother is often the most selfish among brothers and sisters. What kind of psychological laws are hidden behind this phenomenon?

First of all, the attention given by parents will affect the child’s character. With the opening of the two-child policy, many families have more than one child. Different from previous times, the eldest brother no longer needs to help his parents take on some livelihood tasks, some even spoiled, not only with the care of his parents, but also with the care of his grandparents.

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How to get to know a stranger quickly?

In the process of interpersonal communication, the way you get along with the people around you determines whether you can accumulate a large number of contacts in a short period of time and help your career.


Psychologist Erickson believes that when a person faces a stranger, he or she will have a preliminary trust, and handling this trust is an opportunity for you to understand the stranger.

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People with different cognitive levels see different worlds.

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There is a student who wants to study abroad. His parents went to consult Professor Ning Xiangdong of Tsinghua University: Which country is better? Which famous school do you attend? What major has the highest gold content?

Unexpectedly, professor ning said: ” go abroad, don’t take class seriously!” The important thing is to travel, contact with people, talk and look around.

Professor Ning said that after listening to his words, the poor child collapsed at that time and was completely at a loss.

Professor Ning does not know that people of different cognitive levels will have communication difficulties.

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Differences between Eastern and Western Thinking

When I noticed that Chinese people are used to eating together and western society is used to eating separately at the dinner table, I began to wonder about this cultural difference and the reasons for its birth. What are the significant differences in behavior habits between the collectivist east and the individualist west? What is the reason for this difference?

With my interest in cognitive science and anthropology, I read ” the map of thinking”, ” why some countries are rich while others are poor”, ” guns, germs and steel”.

This article will combine some viewpoints in the three books to think about the differences in thinking between the east and the west, as well as the differences in behavior habits caused by the differences in thinking. Finally, it will explore what is the ultimate reason for the differences between the east and the west.

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