Analysis on the Development Prospect and Strategy of Big Data

Big data, also known as massive data, refers to the information that is so large that it cannot be retrieved, managed, processed and collated into more positive information to help enterprises make business decisions within a reasonable time through the human brain or even mainstream software tools.

Features of Big Data

Large amount of data, many types of data,

It requires strong real-time performance and great value of data. Big data exists in all walks of life, but a lot of information and consultation are complicated. We need to search, process, analyze, summarize and summarize its deep-seated laws.

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Without breaking these three barriers, CRM will not have great development!

Is there still a future for CRM market?

Three industry leaders and I had in-depth exchanges on this issue. They are Du Yu, senior vice president of UFIDA Network, Luo Jiaying, vice president of Cloud Migration Technology and general manager of the new retail division, and Chai Xiaobo, vice president of Xuanwu Technology.

The three experts talked about many interesting points of view.

Based on the opinions of several experts, the following conclusion is a consensus.

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Reading methodology

An unexamined life is not worth living.
I used to think I was a Sagittarius, and I was in line with my love of freedom and freedom. It was not until two years ago that I realized that my parents had filled in my lunar birthday on the account book. It turned out that I was a patient and tenacious capricorn. I am a contradiction. I am very romantic and realistic, very IT and artistic, love communication and love to be alone. Very optimistic and practical, very sharp and very tolerant. I have a strong sense of self and care about other people’s opinions. I have a strong heart and shed tears when watching movies. I am entangled, YY, free and conservative. I hope others see me as real and interesting.

I like to get along with people. My job gives me the chance to meet all kinds of interesting people. I like to watch novels, movies and dramas that depict human nature in detail. I would sit alone in the street watching pedestrians or staring blankly. I also like to watch some popular entertainment programs and am nervous about the results set in advance. I cherish that everyone has his or her own rich inner world, joys and sorrows. I think every religion has its own meaning of existence and inheritance. I am an individual humanist, although I still like to label people.

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What is nature and what is unnatural?

Some time ago, when I first got the publication of ” The Human World”, my heart was filled with guilt. To what extent does one have to be ignorant before he can publish a book? This is just Liang Xiaodong’s learning notes during his growing up. Please also invite Haihan. If you don’t speak out and write out this feeling of trepidation, you probably don’t know how superficial you have been.

In front of us, we have finished ” Da Sheng” in the outer part of ” Zhuang Zi”. Today, we will learn ” Pianmu” in the outer part.

” It’s really amazing to have a double thumb and a double finger”, which means that when some people are born, their fingers or toes are connected. There are still others whose fingers will have one more.

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What do we know about dark matter?

Dark matter certainly exists, and it is very strange and different from what we are familiar with. As for dark matter, we know that it has mass. It is not visible. It likes to stay with galaxies. Ordinary matter cannot touch it.

As for dark matter, we also know that it is not hiding in the distance. Dark matter tends to gather together to form a large mass mass and float in space with galaxies. This means that you are likely to be in dark matter right now. While you are reading, dark matter is probably passing through the book and you. However, if it is around us, why is it still a mystery? Why can’t we see and touch dark matter? One thing is clearly there, but we can’t see it.

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