Why do we have more but less happiness?

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Why do we have more but less happiness?

Because, we have turned our life into a ” life of limited games”.

What is a ” limited game”?

According to the definition of philosopher and religious researcher James Cass, limited games are those games that aim to win and are constantly played within borders. For example, society is a limited game. The purpose of social development is to obtain titles and grab power. War is also a limited game. The purpose of war is to plunder more resources and gain more power.

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A wise man will never ask these three questions in his life.

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Life has never been easy, always accompanied by one after another ups and downs and challenges.

Smart people, who know how to adjust their emotions, will not be easily affected by external things, look at the vicissitudes of the world, and their hearts are safe and sound.

At the end of the day, many people are ruined by their own troubles.

If you learn these three points, you will be much happier.

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Of all the things that can change men, wine is the strongest.

Famous contemporary female writer Zhang Xin wrote a sentence in ” Deep Throat”: ” Among the things that can change men, wine is the strongest, followed by women, then power, and finally the truth.”

This sentence speaks to the nature of men: men are animals born for drinking.

Huang Yongyu, a famous contemporary painter, once said: Wine is a special way of life for men. It lives and dies with men. As long as there are men, there will be wine every day, and it will be everywhere. Sorrow, joy and loneliness cannot be separated from the company of wine, and only wine can understand a man’s mind. Men are destined to live without it.

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Learning to solve problems is more useful than avoiding them.

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Why practice solving problems?

Listen to what the three parties say.

1 Children’s Problems

Sun Hao: I’m on pins and needles waiting for the bell to ring. My heart is getting more and more nervous. I guess Xia Yu and Wang Yuecheng should wait for me at the corner of the school again, making fun of me as ” Sun et al.” In order not to let them make fun of me, I can only go home and tell my mother that I have stomachache or dizziness, and have to find a way to take a few days off from class. The teacher probably doesn’t trust me any more. I guess I won’t have a chance to choose a small captain next week, but anyway, it’s better than being teased by them every day! I really don’t know what to do. I’ll just play truant and stay at home.

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