What talents are needed in the next 30 years?

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Why do you know how to operate capital? Because in a project, every part has capital operation, financing, investment, mortgage and various asset securitization.

In other words, we are now facing a very big problem. Most of our existing talents are single talents, and we cannot do the integrated operation required by the modern cultural industry.

Therefore, the topic I started today is ” upgrading talents in cultural industries”. I will combine management philosophy and cultural industry to explain ” talent upgrading”.

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There are many communication problems in marriage, but the most important one is this


An interesting phenomenon is that the saint is right, but the man does not love.

Their eyes are chasing evil spirits that are not accepted by tradition.

For example, da ji, for example, Zhang Manyu in ” Green Snake”, for example, the vibrant women around you and me, with various amorous feelings, have no male animals to match.

The question arises.

Why do men often stay at a respectful distance from women who are more ” right” and have been pursuing more ” right”?

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Why are you angry with your children?

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When our family was two years old in October, they were already taller than their peers.

However, he is very thin, with thin arms and legs, and has no full feeling of bulging.

Once, I took him to the community garden to play.

There are several younger brothers at the slide. They jump over a small ditch and jump over it.

Little October also wants to jump.

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Once you start thinking, philosophy comes in handy.

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We all know that it is impossible to ignore Socrates when studying philosophy. Socrates’ greatest characteristic is to create a kind of cross-examination method in education.

When you hear others talk about what kind of concept, you have to ask him to clearly define what he means by this concept.

For example, if a person feels that he is very scared, you can discuss with him and ask him to explain what the so-called ” fear” is and whether the fear he is facing now comes from outside, from inside, or a situation caused by the combination of the two.

In fact, people live in the world, as long as you start thinking, emotional interference will automatically reduce; It’s like you have a lot of problems in your heart. It’s much better after you say it.

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