Understanding New Economy from New Profession

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” Three hundred and sixty lines make a champion.” However, with the rapid economic development, the number of occupations in social life has long exceeded 360.

Today, the process of emergence of new professions and disappearance of old professions is still accelerating. Recently, another 15 new professions, such as artificial intelligence engineers and technicians, have passed the publicity. Perhaps, some day in the future, 3,600 or more jobs will be presented to people.

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I would like to devote my whole life to learning.

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This year, the biggest harvest is probably to understand Yang Jiang’s words, the biggest change is: down – to – earth.

Looking back on myself a year ago, I always felt as if I was standing in mid – air, without any ability or economic support, blindly pursuing my dream in my heart. I thought it was courage, not going with the flow, but sticking to myself. As Liu Yu said: ” under the cover of youth, decadence is courage, laziness is resistance, emptiness is sexy.” Although he is standing on the tail of youth, he has been struck naked.

Now I finally understand that only when I stand firmly at my feet and control my life well, those lofty pursuits and dreams are really real. Therefore, the main work for the past six months is to cultivate one’s survival ability and learning attitude.

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Faces reveal your hidden illness.

Older readers will surely remember that there was once an attacking player named Heyman in the US women’s volleyball team, who could be regarded as Lang Ping’s main rival. Unfortunately, she had a heart attack while taking part in an international competition and was only 31 when she died. The autopsy found that she died of Marfan Syndrome ( hereinafter referred to as MFS ), which is a rare genetic disease. The patient’s connective tissue development is abnormal, resulting in extremely easy breakage of heart valve and aortic wall and heart disease.

The disease can be treated. Had it been discovered earlier, Hyman could have lived longer and even continued to play. American basketball player Isaiah Austin is a good example. He is a basketball star of Baylor University. He originally planned to participate in the 2014 NBA draft, but he was found to have MFS in the routine medical examination before the draft. No team dared to ask him. However, he did not give up his efforts and received active treatment. He has achieved good results and is currently playing in the Chinese Basketball Association ( CBA ).

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What is the standard of whether a thing should be done or not?

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Yan Hui is a lovely student. He often reports his experience to the teacher. One day, Yan Hui said to his teacher Zhong Ni, ” It’s good to be back.” ” Hui” is Yan Hui’s self – assertion, that is to say, he feels he has made progress. Confucius said, ” How have you improved?” Yan Hui said, ” I have forgotten benevolence and righteousness.” Confucius said: ” Not enough.” Two days later, Yan Hui added, ” I have made progress again. I have forgotten the ritual and music.” Confucius added: ” Not enough.” A few days later, Yan Hui and Confucius said, ” I have made progress again. I have naturally forgotten my bones, and now I have even forgotten my physical condition. ”

It is said that when meditation hits a certain class, some people will forget everything. In short, Yan Hui said to his master, ” I have forgotten the existence of my body, abandoned my smart role, closed my witty heart, and felt that I was in line with the road.” Confucius said: ” Without selfishness, following the changes of the universe, there is no reason to stick together and stagnate.”

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Economic Observation of a Small City with Four Lines in the Mainland

Although Mr. Zhang is a bit bookish, he is a frank person. He told me that although many people on the Internet now call teachers’ income low, in fact his real income is relatively high in the local area, because in addition to the formal teaching and administrative staff resources, he also conducts extracurricular tutoring classes. ” According to relevant regulations, in-service teachers are not allowed to engage in such classes outside school, but in fact many parents of students are begging us to engage in such classes, not even without them. It’s not a big deal to do it when you do it. Everyone in the school knows this kind of thing and everyone knows it without saying anything. If I really don’t allow it at all, what else can I do if I quit my job as a teacher? We can only say that we are barely enough to live on the staff. “

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