it’s better to sleep on your left side

blood flow and brain

According to a study by scientists from the Norwegian Technological University and the Danish experts of the National Research Center, two years of following their sleeping habits in one position or another for a group of volunteers from more than a thousand people, people’s health is related to the position they prefer to sleep. This writes MedicDaily.

As a result, the researchers came to the conclusion that the best posture for sleeping is on the side.

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Fresh baking is harmful: the doctor told which bread is best for children

coronary artery disease

A healthy child can eat 150–200 grams of bread a day, and a bun is better to give children two times every three days. This was reported by a pediatric gastroenterologist of the highest category, head of the department of somatic diseases in children of the Kiev City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 9, Tatyana Ruban, during the direct line of FACTS .

The doctor noted that it is better for children to give gray or white bread, as bread made from rye flour sometimes increases acidity and causes fermentation.

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Causes of varicose veins and whether it is possible to stop the development of this disease

varicose veins

When the legs begin to swell and become heavy in the evening (we recall, earlier “FACTS” told about what diseases the leg edema signals ), many people do not rush to the doctor. Houses make a warm bath, put a pillow under the feet.

– Even if the swelling and severity by the morning pass by themselves, and the more expressive vascular net on a person’s legs does not bother, it is advisable to consult a doctor, – warns the vascular surgeon of the highest category of the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense Alexander Borkivets. – The earlier the diagnosis of varicose veins is made, the easier it is for the patient to help. Over time, the manifestations of the disease are increasing: the edema does not disappear even in the morning, the diameter of the veins increases, they become convex, nodular, pain in the legs. The skin darkens, it is easy to injure, scratches poorly heal. There are trophic ulcers that are difficult to treat.

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Scientists have identified in women “lung behavior syndrome”

hormonal disorders

Sociologists from the University of Essex (United Kingdom) talked about the phenomenon, which can be translated as “lung syndrome”. This syndrome, scientists said, is peculiar to a certain type of women, MedDaily writes, citing the Daily Mail.

According to these data, scientists have found “lung syndrome” in women. This syndrome “suffers” women, whose puberty happened late.

According to scientists, late puberty may be the result of individual characteristics in the development of the female body. In addition, it is influenced by external factors – for example, such as parenting, school life.

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